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HubSpot vs Salesforce: Which CRM is Right for You?

HubSpot vs Salesforce CRM
Comparing HubSpot and Salesforce is a little tricky. Salesforce started as a CRM and added marketing automation through the acquisition of Pardot. HubSpot started as a marketing automation platform and added a CRM through its own internal development. The fact that Salesforce was originally designed from the ground-up to support sales team, while HubSpot was originally designed to support marketing is one historical difference, but both recognize the increasing need for sales and marketing to work together. The bigger differences have to do with the type of organization the platforms are designed for. User Experience Salesforce is tough to learn....
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Why We Love Revenue Conduit for HubSpot-Shopify Integration

Alaniz marketing partners with Revenue Conduit
What happens when someone shopping on your e-commerce site abandons his or her shopping cart midway through a purchase? Imagine if you could automatically enroll that person in an email workflow, offering personalized messages and incentives to return and complete the purchase. Or say someone visits a product page 10 times and doesn’t make a purchase. What if you could automatically generate and send a discount coupon for that product? These are experiences many Shopify users that also use HubSpot can now deliver thanks to Revenue Conduit. Integrating Marketing Automation and E-commerce Alaniz recently announced a partnership with Revenue Conduit...
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Alaniz Featured on HubSpot Blog: 8 Reasons Super Specialized Companies Should Embrace Inbound

Alaniz Featured on HubSpot Blog - 8 Reasons Super Specialized Companies Should Embrace Inbound

This article was written by Bill Peatman of Alaniz Marketing and was originally featured on the HubSpot Blog.  “People don’t shop for our products online.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told this by sales and marketing leaders at B2B companies that make obscure, highly complex technology and products. They tend to resist inbound marketing and lead generation because they don’t make “click to buy” products. Most have expensive custom products with long sales cycles and apply to a very narrow customer base. They figure few people are searching online for their products, so they don’t try too…

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Alaniz Featured on Top 4 marketing automation tools and why you’ll love (and hate) them

Alaniz on CIO - Top 4 marketing automation tools and why youll love them

This article originally appeared on Modern marketing isn’t just about funnels and conversions. Really, it’s all about the tools. Hundreds of SaaS marketing tools exist that are designed to handle everything from scheduling tweets to helping marketers better understand their audiences. To determine which tools are worth the money, we asked digital marketers to weigh in. Here are the top four marketing automation tools (in terms of votes) cited by our 28 respondents, along with a few alternative utilities that are also worth a look. 1) HubSpot HubSpot‘s marketing platform received the most votes (nine) by far, and pricing…

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Alaniz Featured on Databox: 22 HubSpot Features That Users Can’t Live Without

Alaniz Featured on Databox - 22 HubSpot Features That Users Can’t Live Without

This article originally appeared on According to the users we surveyed, nothing makes growing traffic, leads and sales more possible and easier than HubSpot does. To build an inbound marketing machine, you need to attract, capture, track and close qualified leads as they move from awareness to purchase. The fact that HubSpot lets you do all that in one product is a big plus. But, as we surveyed HubSpot customers and partners, we discovered users have fallen in love with individual features too. Favorite Features by Product To help you sort through the list, we divided the love-list up…

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How to Get Sales-Qualified Leads for Manufacturing Companies

If you’re head of sales for a manufacturing company, you know that keeping your sales funnel full and your sales team busy with qualified opportunities are serious challenges. Both are challenging for two reasons. First, most manufacturing products like CNC equipment, tooling, and automation equipment is expensive and the sales cycles are often measured in months or years. It can take a long time to qualify a lead. The second challenge is that manufacturing sales and marketing teams are not always in sync with the same definition of what makes for a qualified lead. Marketing teams are typically good at...
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How to Create Popups That People Love

You click on a link to some web page or content you want and it magically appears. Just as you are about start reading or clicking, your entire screen is covered by a giant ad. The popup! Argh! Is it Possible to Create Popups People Love? What do you think about popups? I asked this question on, an online community for inbound marketing. I was curious because inbound marketing is based on the premise that buyers don’t want to be interrupted in their work through traditional outbound marketing methods (cold calling, SPAM, etc.). As shoppers search for solutions to...
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Getting Started: Marketing for Startups Starts with SMART Goals


When you are starting a company, it can be difficult to know where to start. Sure, you know you need a website, and you’ll probably want to use direct email, and you’ll need to get your social network pages built. But those are tactics. What do you want these tactics to accomplish? How will you know if you’re succeeding? What can you change to get better? Get Smart You need to start with goals. As the old saying goes, if you don’t know where you’re going, any road can take you there. The best marketing goals are SMART–Specific, Measurable, Achievable,…

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Startups Get Better Marketing Results, Faster, by Outsourcing Marketing

The “build vs. buy” question of what companies should outsource and what they should take on as internal projects have expanded to marketing. The increasing specialization and sophistication of marketing in the age of search engine optimization, content marketing, and inbound marketing is leading many companies to ask whether to hire, train, and manage these functions internally or to engage an expert partner that already has the expertise and experience to run marketing programs. Startups, with smaller budgets and aggressive timelines, can gain important efficiencies by outsourcing marketing functions to an experienced team. Here are 3 reasons why outsourcing marketing...
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Marketing Best Practices for Solopreneurs and Startup Founders

If you’re starting your own online business, you may be disenchanted with the corporate world. There’s plenty of reason people gain a distaste for the meetings, politics, commuting, and dubious marketing practices of big businesses. But don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater when it comes to marketing. Yes, corporate insincerity might turn you off, but that doesn’t mean you should turn off marketing. Too often we see startup founders and leaders shy away from marketing because they equate it with exaggerated claims of and brazen self-promotion. But that’s not marketing, not in today’s world. That’s selling. You don’t...
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