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Closing the Loop Between Marketing and Sales

This blog post is part of “The Ultimate Guide to Lead Generation” blog series. Closed loop marketing is the holy grail of sales for most companies. It means that you can track every dollar of revenue back to marketing initiatives to determine ROI. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has been a must-have for businesses that are serious about growth. Managing contacts, know where they are in the purchasing process, centralizing communications and logging all pre- and post-sales activities help companies take better care of their customers. In recent years, marketing automation platforms have helped marketers similarly manage and control the...
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How to Get Sales-Qualified Leads for Manufacturing Companies

If you’re head of sales for a manufacturing company, you know that keeping your sales funnel full and your sales team busy with qualified opportunities are serious challenges. Both are challenging for two reasons. First, most manufacturing products like CNC equipment, tooling, and automation equipment is expensive and the sales cycles are often measured in months or years. It can take a long time to qualify a lead. The second challenge is that manufacturing sales and marketing teams are not always in sync with the same definition of what makes for a qualified lead. Marketing teams are typically good at...
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Startups Get Better Marketing Results, Faster, by Outsourcing Marketing

The “build vs. buy” question of what companies should outsource and what they should take on as internal projects have expanded to marketing. The increasing specialization and sophistication of marketing in the age of search engine optimization, content marketing, and inbound marketing is leading many companies to ask whether to hire, train, and manage these functions internally or to engage an expert partner that already has the expertise and experience to run marketing programs. Startups, with smaller budgets and aggressive timelines, can gain important efficiencies by outsourcing marketing functions to an experienced team. Here are 3 reasons why outsourcing marketing...
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