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Hubspot Calls: The Best Call Recording Solution for Sales and Service Reps

It’s hard to believe that Hubspot started in 2006 as an email service. Since our agency began working with Hubspot 8 years ago, we’ve seen countless new features that have enhanced our marketing operations. Now, as the trailblazer for all things inbound marketing, Hubspot is also a leading software innovator for sales and customer service.    Its latest innovation, simply named “Calls,” a call reviewing and instant transcription module, is perhaps the most valuable training tool for sales and customer service teams. This software not only enables managers to efficiently train staff on real call transcriptions, but allows them to…

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Why a Personal Brand is Important: 5 Tips for Women in Business

In building your career, nothing is more important than your personal brand.  When you think of powerful women like Oprah, Rihanna, or Gwenyth Paltro, you can’t help but to think of their personal brands. Yes, they have strong business ventures, but the culture they have created and the purpose behind their companies started with them.    Before their companies were established, they distinguished their purpose and created a message that connected with others, separating them from the pack. They live their brand everyday. We knew Oprah as the independent altruistic leader, Rihanna as the “bad gal,” and Gwenyth as the…

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Top 5 Inbound marketing strategies you must know about

It’s 2020, the year that marks the end and beginning of several things. With a decade coming to an end, a pandemic hitting the world, and getting accustomed to the new normal, we need to acknowledge and adapt to a lot of change. This goes without saying for marketers as well. Lockdowns and immobility had a tremendous impact on customer buying habits. They are no longer persuaded by meaningless broadcasting and advertisements. In other words, traditional outbound marketing strategies have become obsolete to be replaced by Inbound Marketing. Source: saffronedge Compared to outbound marketing, based on putting yourself out there,…

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How to Frame Your Website Content for Effective SEO


Organic search is an essential part of any lead generation strategy. Businesses need to be found online and SEO can make the difference between showing up on page 1 rather than page 4. The key is quality, relevance, and unique solutions.  SEO is competitive. There are millions of websites and a billion blogs. The web is polluted with content, and Google only displays about 8-12 organic choices on the first page of a search. If you’re not on the first page, there’s a very good chance you’re not being seen.  Small businesses may not be able to compete with high…

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How an Aggressive Marketing Strategy Could Be the Best Thing During COVID-19

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To fight or flight. Every business is questioning their strategy, and unfortunately, there aren’t many Harvard case studies that include a pandemic. These are unprecedented times, but business is by no means closed. Companies who fight for market share could benefit from low competition and cost-effective ad rates.  Like all of us, buyers have changed. There is tremendous opportunity for businesses to capitalize on the moment by adapting their strategies to a different economy.  The marketplace will continue to change after social distancing ends. Buyers will have a new set of problems and it’s our responsibility as marketers to better…

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Writing: Getting it right.

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No matter who you are, good writing can make the difference between success and failure.   Writing is an essential function of our businesses and daily lives. Whether you provide renewable energy services, work to find solutions for diseases, or help people achieve personal records in a marathon, your message needs to be clear as day and connect to your audience.   Having a clear understanding of what you want to say and a format for saying it will make your writing powerful. Without it, your audience will lose interest, misinterpret, or just move on.   How many times have…

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Marketing Trends: Human-Centric Advertising and Building Trust

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Effective marketing reaches your prospects where, when, and how they want to be reached. The challenge is that prospect behavior changes with time, and marketers need to adapt to match the evolving consumer. Similar to investing, marketers can generate tremendous returns from accurately predicting future trends. As we enter the new decade, it is essential that we recognize these upcoming changes. In the 2010’s, we witnessed the rise of influencer marketing, social media marketing, and brand messaging focused on mission and emotion. We also saw the fruition of marketing automation platforms (MAPs) such as HubSpot, Pardot, Marketo, and niche software…

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Four Tips to Improve Your Marketing Attribution

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Marketing attribution is one of the hardest challenges we face as marketers. A prospect can have anywhere from one to hundreds of touch-points before making a purchasing decision. In order to optimize ROI, marketers need to identify the effectiveness of their campaigns and figure out which channels are actually driving revenue. Here we explain the premise behind attribution as well as some tips further below.  What is Attribution? Attribution refers to measuring the effectiveness of the marketing interactions a prospect has with a brand. Simply put, the goal of marketing is to convert prospects into customers. The process of doing…

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