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Harnessing CRM Platform AI Tools for Marketing and Customer Relationship Management

By July 10, 2023February 14th, 2024Company News

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic in marketing right now. It’s changing the way we do marketing and customer relationship management (CRM). CRM platforms are weaving in AI capabilities to make managing customer relationships and marketing campaigns more efficient.

When it comes to harnessing this power, HubSpot, a leading CRM platform, is on the front line. They’ve recently added two new AI-powered tools to their platform: Content Assistant (currently in beta testing) and ChatSpot. These tools can help you streamline your day-to-day tasks and grow your business.

Content Assistant can help you create high-quality content more quickly and easily. It can generate blog posts, landing pages, email campaigns, and more. Just give it a topic or keyword, and it will do the rest.

ChatSpot is a chatbot that can answer customer questions, resolve issues, and provide support. It’s available 24/7, so you can always be there for your customers.

By combining these new tools with HubSpot’s existing AI features, you can give your business extra momentum toward success. HubSpot’s AI stack can make your life easier, boost productivity, and save you some precious time.

As a HubSpot partner agency, Alaniz Marketing uses these tools to help SMBs like yours attract, convert, and close your ideal customers. Because of our partnership with HubSpot, this article focuses on HubSpot’s tools and capabilities. Of course, most CRM platforms on the market are integrating AI tools into their platforms, and you should do your research to make sure you’re using the platform that’s best for you.

What is Content Assistant?

Content is vital to driving visitors, leads, and revenue, but creating content is time- and resource-intensive. HubSpot’s AI content assistant utilizes OpenAI’s GPT model to help anyone on your team ideate, create, and share content in a flash.

Content assistant tools natively integrate with the HubSpot products you know and love, allowing you to toggle between manual and AI content creation to generate copy for blog posts, landing pages, marketing emails, and more. No more writer’s block, switching between different tools, or learning new ones.

Here are some examples of how the HubSpot content assistant can help power your content.

  • Generate a list of blog topic ideas
  • Create an outline for a blog post
  • Generate paragraphs
  • Write prospecting emails
  • Amplify your ideas
  • Create marketing emails

Creating excellent content is time-consuming and requires extensive expertise and significant resources. So it’s not surprising that CRM platforms are launching tools to help make this element of customer relationships and marketing campaigns easier to carry out. 

HubSpot’s AI Content Assistant uses ChatGPT to ideate, create, and share high-quality content much more efficiently than they would be able to without AI. It also integrates seamlessly with HubSpot, allowing users to switch between manual and AI content creation. 

As it uses ChatGPT, it is subject to the same limitations — it can make factual mistakes, for example, and discriminate based on the biases inherent in the AI — which means that marketers will still need to carefully review any content they create using Content Assistant. However, producing content in seconds can save you significant time and resources.

Team Alaniz is currently a beta tester of Content Assistant. We’re taking it for a test drive and providing feedback to HubSpot to make sure this feature delivers convenience and quality when it becomes widely available. 

What is ChatSpot?

ChatSpot is a conversational CRM bot that sales, marketing, and service professionals can connect to HubSpot to maximize their productivity. With chat-based commands, you can accomplish everything you already do in HubSpot — even faster.

Need to create a new contact on the fly? Skip manual data entry and let ChatSpot do it for you. Ask ChatSpot to send follow-up emails, pull reports, create new segments, and more. 

Here are a few ways you could use ChatSpot with HubSpot to supercharge your productivity. 

  • Follow-up
  • Quick status updates
  • Lead management
  • Prospecting
  • Reporting
  • Forecasting

Think of ChatSpot as your virtual assistant within HubSpot. It utilizes Chat UX — the ability to put a natural language chat interface on software — to enable you to ask HubSpot questions in conversational language and receive intelligent responses.

What’s in the HubSpot AI Stack?

In addition to Content Assistant and ChatSpot, HubSpot has several more AI features that can help you work smarter. 

  • Data cleansing: Use AI to deduplicate, log, and enrich your contact and company information.
  • Email data capture: Log and segment your valuable email contact information while minimizing manual data entry and human error.
  • Call recording & transcription: Automatically capture and transcribe your conversations, so you have the context you need to close deals faster.
  • SEO suggestions: Perfect your content strategy after the AI scans your website and identifies opportunities for optimization.
  • Adaptive testing: Harness machine learning to automatically optimize traffic distribution when testing different variations of a page.
  • Easy imports: Seamlessly import your contact and company information from spreadsheets as AI maps each cell to the most relevant CRM property.

How Can I Leverage CRM Platform AI Tools?

As a savvy business leader in today’s highly competitive landscape, you’re always scouting for strategic ways to amplify your marketing initiatives and deepen relationships with your customers. Harnessing the power of your CRM platform’s AI capabilities presents a golden opportunity to do just that.

AI brings the convenience of automation to an array of your tasks, including crafting engaging content, answering common questions, and solving basic issues. This enables your team to invest their time and efforts in more nuanced tasks — developing strategies, managing complex issues, and delivering individualized support that truly makes your customers feel seen and heard.

Beyond task automation, AI is a proficient data analyst that can delve into your customer data, yielding rich insights into their behaviors, preferences, and needs. Armed with this knowledge, you can elevate your customer relationships and marketing efforts. Imagine bespoke marketing messages that truly resonate, recommendations for products and services that align with their interests, and the ability to anticipate and address potential issues before they escalate.

Utilizing your CRM platform’s AI capabilities empowers you to curate highly relevant content, drive marketing campaigns that hit the mark, and significantly boost customer satisfaction. Embrace this digital evolution and watch your business flourish in ways you’ve only imagined.