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Alaniz Partners With Insycle

Insycle - Spend Less Time on Mundane Data Work

Alaniz is excited to team up with Insycle as a professional solutions and implementation partner.  Insycle integrates with HubSpot and other CRM solutions and provides a modern way to organize, cleanse, and update customer data all in one place. “Any company with large amounts of data needs systems and technology in place to help maintain and cleanse it.  Insycle is a powerful and scalable tool that we use and highly recommend.  It works well in the HubSpot ecosystem and has allowed us to help clients run custom workflows to keep their data clean,” says Andrew Erickson, Partner at Alaniz. Here…

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Why a Personal Brand is Important: 5 Tips for Women in Business

In building your career, nothing is more important than your personal brand.  When you think of powerful women like Oprah, Rihanna, or Gwenyth Paltro, you can’t help but to think of their personal brands. Yes, they have strong business ventures, but the culture they have created and the purpose behind their companies started with them.    Before their companies were established, they distinguished their purpose and created a message that connected with others, separating them from the pack. They live their brand everyday. We knew Oprah as the independent altruistic leader, Rihanna as the “bad gal,” and Gwenyth as the…

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Top 5 Inbound marketing strategies you must know about

It’s 2020, the year that marks the end and beginning of several things. With a decade coming to an end, a pandemic hitting the world, and getting accustomed to the new normal, we need to acknowledge and adapt to a lot of change. This goes without saying for marketers as well. Lockdowns and immobility had a tremendous impact on customer buying habits. They are no longer persuaded by meaningless broadcasting and advertisements. In other words, traditional outbound marketing strategies have become obsolete to be replaced by Inbound Marketing. Source: saffronedge Compared to outbound marketing, based on putting yourself out there,…

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Alaniz Response to COVID-19

We are facing a time in history that is unprecedented and will have lasting effects.   COVID-19 is hitting closer to home, and we want to give you an update on how Alaniz will take steps to ensure the safety of our team, our families and our community. Doing business, as usual, will not be the strategy, but continuing to provide excellent service to our clients is a priority.  We are here to assist with different ways you can continue to stay in business and are happy to discuss ways to take advantage of technology to continue to drive sales…

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Alaniz Covered in Fit Small Business: Top 23 Benefits of CRM Software From The Pros in 2019

website speed optimization alaniz marketing

This article was published in and was written by Chris Dawkins.  Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps a business manage contacts, sales leads, and customers in a central location. It also helps sales, service, and other company departments view and share customer information from anywhere at any time. To help you maximize your CRM, we asked experts to share their insights on the best CRM benefits. Here are the top 23 benefits of CRM software from the pros: 1. Allows You To Collaborate Seamlessly Chachi Flores, Senior Manager eCommerce, Peacock Alley An incomparable benefit that a CRM offers is greater efficiency when…

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Why You Need to Incorporate Social Media into Your Marketing Strategy

Fan Engagement

Social media has become an essential component of any company’s digital marketing strategy. The benefits of social media are endless. You can build your brand awareness and loyalty, increase traffic and SEO ranking, and have a powerful tool for conversation amongst current and potential customers. Understanding who you want to be speaking to, what you should be talking about, and what social media channel is best to use can be a daunting task. Creating a Buyer Persona Before you begin to create a social media strategy, the most important detail to consider is your buyer persona. Buyer personas, as defined…

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Programmatic Buying is Transforming the Television Advertising Market

In 2017, programmatic digital display ad spending reached $32.56 billion and is projected to continue to grow rapidly throughout 2018, and hit $45 billion in spending by 2019 (Source: Digilant). Everyone’s talking about the rapid growth and success of programmatic buying that can be used to eliminate archaic buying processes. So what is it? Programmatic buying refers to an automated way of transacting media using a platform in which buyers and sellers of advertising space can then bid for that space. The way marketers have learned to manage digital advertising campaigns can now be applied to television advertising. Television remains…

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Alaniz Marketing Launches North Bay Marketing Meetup Group

Alaniz Marketing Launches North Bay Marketing Meetup Group A Time and Space Where Marketing Pros Can Gather and Grow Novato, Calif. - July 18th, 2018 - Alaniz Marketing will host their first North Bay Marketing Meetup on August 16th at 5pm at their new office space, 7250 Redwood Blvd Ste. 109, Novato, CA. The purpose of this group is to create a space for digital marketers in Marin and Sonoma Counties to get together, unwind and network with one another. The hope for this endeavor is to provide a community for local marketing professionals to bounce ideas off of each...
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