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Google Analytics is Turning Marketing on Its Head with GA4

By April 6, 2023Company News

Are you ready for a game-changer? Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is turning marketing analytics on its head, and our team of digital masterminds has dived right in to learn all there is to know. GA4 offers a variety of advanced abilities, and we are looking forward to implementing these changes on all our campaigns to ensure our digital ad clients have the upper hand on their marketing campaigns. Allow us to take some of your time and share some of our favorite changes.

The Latest in Advanced Tracking Capabilities

GA4 offers the latest tracking capabilities that will allow you to collect a deeper understanding of your audience’s behavior than you could with universal analytics. With GA4, you will be able to track website and app interactions and customer demographics in addition to clicks and conversions. This information can help fine-tune your marketing strategies, make data-driven decisions, not to mention drive the results you have been looking for. 

GA4 also offers better cross-platform tracking, allowing you to understand user interactions across multiple platforms, including mobile apps, websites, and offline interactions. This will give you a better grasp of your audience’s behaviors and allow you to optimize your marketing strategy across various touchpoints. 

Customizable Goals and Conversions

Google took note of all of our demands to provide customizable goals, and they delivered. GA4 will allow you to take your business objectives and customize your goals — meaning you can track the metrics that matter the most to your business. If you are looking to track newsletter signups, app downloads, or something entirely out of the box, GA4 will be able to deliver. Setting up custom goals and conversions will give you better insights into your audience and their behavior. 

Combine these customizable goals with GA4’s enhanced reporting features, and you will be able to dive deeper into your data and gain valuable insights that you didn’t know were available. The new Analysis Hub allows you to create custom reports and look at your data in more detail, while the predictive metrics feature allows you to forecast future ad performance based on historical data. These features will give you a competitive advantage and the ability to make better data-driven decisions.

AI-Powered Insights

With all the buzz around AI, we had to address GA4’s abilities. GA4 leverages Google’s machine-learning capabilities and provides AI-powered data. With these capabilities, you can predict trends and make more vital marketing decisions. You will have the opportunity to optimize your campaigns, identify new opportunities, and exceed your business goals.

Privacy Concerns

For some of you, all of these changes bring up privacy concerns. GA4 has placed a significant emphasis on user privacy, giving users more control over their personal data. You will still be able to collect valuable data, but now there are extra measures to protect users. You can feel confident that you are getting the data you need while not violating your client’s trust.

Google has also addressed the concerns around healthcare and HIPAA compliance. GA4 now has the option to record consent and new tools for redacting personally identifiable information (PII).  This will allow you to customize the data you are tracking while respecting the user’s consent preferences.

The world of Google Analytics is changing, and we are excited about the endless possibilities. With GA4 taking into consideration all the regulations around HIPAA and GDPR, combined with their advanced tracking capabilities, customizable goals, and AI-powered insights, you will be able to take your marketing campaign to greater heights. GA4 will take some setup and configurations. Our digital team is here to support you.