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Make more profit while working less with Marshall Doyle

By August 12, 2022September 13th, 2022REVUP Podcast

Entrepreneurs and business owners often believe that if they take on more tasks their companies will be more profitable.

Marshall Doyle, owner and President of Cal-Cert once had that mindset. “I did my own sales and marketing,” Marshall says. “I did my own janitorial; I did all kinds of stuff.”

And then, one day, he realized that there was a better way. Since that time, he’s found great success by creating effective teams. Under his leadership, he’s grown Cal-Cert by nearly 2,000%.

In this episode, Cal-Cert President Marshall Doyle offers insights into how he built his company by being agile in his processes and letting go of doing everything himself. He notes, “it takes partnering with the right people, because, oftentimes, the solution isn’t you.”

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