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The Power of Perseverance with Dave Buerger

By July 22, 2022September 13th, 2022REVUP Podcast

When Dave Buerger moved to Santa Rosa to start building a life with his college girlfriend (now his wife), he struggled to find work.

He kept trying, and finally found something. But he had no idea how the only job he could find there would lead him to big things. That job was an entry-level marketing job in a credit union. Over the years, it became his career.

“I was mainly doing direct mail marketing and some email (email was in its infancy),” Dave says. “Almost everything was printed. Direct mail, newspaper ads, etc. We were we were marketing financial services, loans, and deposits, and spending a lot of money on direct mail campaigns.”

The email side of marketing gave him an idea. He realized he could leverage a different method for reaching customers and giving them more options. He dreamed of launching a software platform that supports the marketing efforts of the credit union and banking industry. To make that happen, he had to borrow a lot of money, weather the 2008 recession, and take a job in the wine industry because he used up his life savings.

In this episode, Dave shares the story of how he perservered through hardships and setback to found CuneXus, a platform that revolutionized the credit union and banking industries approach to marketing.

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