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Why We Love Revenue Conduit for HubSpot-Shopify Integration

By October 4, 2017October 20th, 2017Inbound Marketing, Strategy

What happens when someone shopping on your e-commerce site abandons his or her shopping cart midway through a purchase? Imagine if you could automatically enroll that person in an email workflow, offering personalized messages and incentives to return and complete the purchase. Or say someone visits a product page 10 times and doesn’t make a purchase. What if you could automatically generate and send a discount coupon for that product?

These are experiences many Shopify users that also use HubSpot can now deliver thanks to Revenue Conduit.

Integrating Marketing Automation and E-commerce

Alaniz recently announced a partnership with Revenue Conduit to enable our clients to integrate Shopify and other e-commerce platforms with marketing automation products like HubSpot.  Features include the ability to sync data to more than 120 contact properties in HubSpot, and automatically set up HubSpot with smart lists and workflows tailored for online retailers like you.

For example, you can automatically (and retroactively) generate lists of your best customers based on average order value, total order value, frequency of orders, time between orders, time between visits, and more. You can also segment your contacts based on the types of products they look at and/or purchase. And you can pull a list of people who have viewed any page or product on your e-commerce site, and set up email workflows to create and deliver personalized, custom communications and offers.

Personalized Communication Based on Behavior

Today’s shoppers expect personalized communication tailored to their shopping and buying patterns. They know when you don’t know them. The Revenue Conduit solution can give your browsers and buyers that kind of personalized experience by creating behavior-based lead nurturing campaigns. You can demonstrate that you know what your customers are looking for, and make it easier for them to make the right decision.

We’re excited about partnering with Revenue Conduit because our clients are. E-commerce companies struggle to attract, convert, delight and retain customers. Marketing automation platforms have the tools to do that, but when blind to the activities of contacts on e-commerce pages like Shopify, they are hampered in their ability to precisely target communications.

Get More Return Customers

Ongoing communication is also key to getting return customers. Personalized communication with previous customers demonstrates to them that you know what they are interested in and can help them find more of the solutions they need for their personal and business problems.

Marketing automation platforms like HubSpot are great for tracking the behavior of contacts on your website and to segment, score, qualify and communicate with contacts based on that information. Revenue Conduit offers the deepest integration with these platforms available,  syncing data to some 120 custom properties in HubSpot, enabling you to properly segment your customers and automate customer lifecycle marketing.

Pricing for Businesses of All Sizes

Pricing for Revenue Conduit makes it affordable for small e-commerce sites as well as for large online stores. As a HubSpot Gold Partner, we’re excited about how it can help our clients attract and retain more customers, grow sales, and turn customers into fans with personalized, relevant communication.

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