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Leveraging LinkedIn’s InMail

By July 21, 2022May 5th, 2023Strategy

Make Meaningful Connections

When you think of social media marketing, does LinkedIn come to mind? It should. According to Sairaj Kalekar, Alaniz Marketing’s LinkedIn expert, LinkedIn is “the most underutilized social media marketing platform available.” What a perfect opportunity for you to stand out!

Linkedin has approximately 700+ million users worldwide. Even after selecting a highly targeted audience, users still find thousands and tens of thousands of people to connect with. “Alaniz has been super successful in tapping into high-quality, niche audiences to deliver solid lead generation to our clients,” notes Sairaj.

How can you make LinkedIn work for your company?

Linkedin campaigns require a lot of brainstorming on the message strategy, content, and, most importantly, the target audience. We can help you strategize and find your audience. By collaborating with clients, “Alaniz has delivered significant, continued success to clients in filling the top of the sales funnels with LinkedIn Connects,” says Sairaj. “Our customers across all verticals have registered 200%+ jumps in lead generation.”

Right now, LinkedIn is the best way for B2B brands to reach the most influential decision-makers. By utilizing LinkedIn, marketers can connect with decision-makers in their target audience.

Have you been looking for a new way to expand your network? Our team would be happy to show you how LinkedIn campaigns can help you grow your business.