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Hubspot Calls: The Best Call Recording Solution for Sales and Service Reps

By April 27, 2021January 20th, 2022Lead Gen, Strategy

It’s hard to believe that Hubspot started in 2006 as an email service. Since our agency began working with Hubspot 8 years ago, we’ve seen countless new features that have enhanced our marketing operations. Now, as the trailblazer for all things inbound marketing, Hubspot is also a leading software innovator for sales and customer service. 


Its latest innovation, simply named “Calls,” a call reviewing and instant transcription module, is perhaps the most valuable training tool for sales and customer service teams. This software not only enables managers to efficiently train staff on real call transcriptions, but allows them to analyze their employee’s performance. The conversation intelligence software tracks the amount of time the employee is speaking in contrast to the customer, then provides a percentage that reflects the amount of time each individual was speaking. Ideally, the perfect amount of speaking time as a sales representative is 20%, while the customer makes up the other 80% of the conversation.


Hubspot Calls, available for Sales and Service Hub enterprise tier users, is a major step forward from Hubspot’s traditional call recording feature. In the past, calls were recorded without a transcription feature. Even then, the  recorded call only existed in the contact’s timeline on the contact record. This made searching for recorded calls difficult. Now with live transcriptions, users can search based on keywords mentioned in the conversation. Even better, is that now each call is recorded under its own custom “calls” object,  meaning that users can run reports or trigger workflows.


We tested the new Hubspot Calls using Hubspot’s in app calling, but users have other options worth exploring such as a Zoom integration or the ability to integrate with a third party caller. 


When testing the transcription within our team, there were few instances where sentences were lost. The majority of transcription errors were simple fixes the caller can edit without needing to go back and listen to the call. Even with the occasional errors, having an automated transcription after a sales call is extremely useful and vastly more efficient than manual transcription. 


Efficiency is the game changing move here and Hubspot absolutely nails it with this new beta feature. Sales coaching is easier than ever before, now that you can seamlessly review calls and quickly verify your team is using the correct language when responding to customers needs and wants. 

Beyond just training purposes, sales reps and account managers can assign transcriptions to a certain contact, company, deal, or ticket record. Keeping track of important client information is invaluable in an era where nearly all communication is digitized. The new call reviewing feature allows users to keep a record of requests and preferences of a contact and mitigate the potential loss or misplacement of crucial client information.  

This new software rollout from Hubspot further solidifies the company’s position as the best choice CRM, Marketing, Service, and Sales Hub. Hubspot’s focus on all parts of the customer experience enables companies’ sales, customer service and marketing departments to assist customers with little to no software limitations. For a full walkthrough on how to utilize the latest call reviewing feature from Hubspot, check out the link here