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Taking Time Off by Building a Company that Does Not Depend on You with Allison Maslan

By October 15, 2021September 13th, 2022REVUP Podcast

Allison Maslan has a unique philosophy about the professional benefits of taking time off.

The Principal CEO of the Pinnacle Global Network, a consulting firm that helps entrepreneurs and business owners scale up their companies, believes that taking time off from your business can help it grow.

A lot of entrepreneurs and business owners either never take vacations or end up canceling planned down time because of their devotion to their companies. While focusing on your company and giving your best is an important part of success, so is stepping back from time to time.

Allison has scaled 10+ multi-million-dollar companies and coached thousands of business owners to successfully scale their own companies. In this episode of RevUp, she shares how taking time for herself helped her build to this level of success. She explains the importance of learning to delegate and how to schedule time away so that it can help you work and grow your business.

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