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Andrew Erickson

16 Ways to Save Money On HubSpot in 2020 – Secret Discounts, Savings, and Freebies

hubspot review: is it worth the money
In the past, HubSpot’s pricing model was often a sizable investment for companies, and in many cases was outright cost prohibitive - especially for small businesses or businesses with a huge database and relatively low lead value. The good news is that HubSpot has redesigned its whole pricing structure to a Freemium model with very modest paid entry points for Starter versions of its Sales, Marketing, and Service products. Fortunately, if you’re considering purchasing one of HubSpot’s Pro or Enterprise products, there are a bunch of tips and tricks on how you can save money.   Get Your Onboarding Fees...
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Alaniz Announces Partnership with DemandBase

DemandBase Professional Services Partner
Alaniz Announces Partnership with DemandBase December 21, 2018 (Novato, Calif) - Alaniz Marketing is excited to announce a strategic partnership with ABM technology company, DemandBase. DemandBase is a leading B2B marketing platform built specifically to support Account Based Marketing ABM sales and marketing strategy. ABM is a marketing and sales strategy based on targeting and engaging a specific list of accounts.  "Account based strategies are not new," says Andrew Erickson, managing partner at Alaniz, "but today's marketing tech has taken it to a whole new level, combining big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to take targeting, engagement, and analytics...
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Who are the Best HubSpot Partner Inbound Marketing Agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area?

So you’re looking for a HubSpot partner agency in the San Francisco Bay Area.  There are a handful of solid agencies here in northern California, each with its own nuances and specialties.   Since we’re transparent by nature and we aren’t threatened by a little due diligence, we’ve decided to make it easy for you by putting together a list of the top inbound marketing agencies and gold tier+ HubSpot partners in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hope it’s helpful! Espresso B2B Espresso B2B offers everything you need to get started on HubSpot, or to take your HubSpot implementation to the…

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The Big List: Who are the Best Marketing Agencies in Marin County?

marin county marketing agencies

Each year at Alaniz Marketing, we meet with dozens of prospective clients across the north bay and greater San Francisco bay area with respect to their marketing, web development, and advertising needs.   More often than not, we find that we’re a great match in terms of our capabilities and rapport.  That said, there are times that for one reason or another we aren’t a great fit for each other, or a prospective client is extra thorough, and we’re asked about our competitors in the area. Since we’re the transparent types and we recognize that we can’t be a perfect…

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Alaniz Marketing Featured Among Top Advertising Agencies in San Francisco

Clutch San Francisco Ad Agencies List

Would you recognize a great agency when you see one? There’s a lot that goes into building excellence. It takes more than a well-designed website, a cluster of intelligent people, and a stereotypically strong work ethic. A great agency is built upon great relationship. Recently, Alaniz Marketing was announced among leading advertising agencies in San Francisco based on our ability to do just that. This recognition comes from Clutch, a ratings and reviews firm based in Washington DC. The firm measures thousand of agencies based on their ability to deliver strong results, succeed across dozens of services offered, and create…

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Website Performance Optimization: How We Supercharged Our WordPress Site

Search Engine Optimization_ Alaniz Marketing
This blog post is part of “The Ultimate Guide to Web Development” and "The Ultimate Guide to SEO" blog series. Our agency recently partnered with an SEO consultant to start upping our game in search for technical SEO services. We have a pretty strong base when it comes to getting found, producing content, and website SEO best practice, but that being said, it’s a different story to understand SEO as a technical expert versus an SEO savvy marketer. Our initial SEO audit came back with a solid grade and some good feedback. We had good on-page elements, a good backlink...
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Why You Shouldn’t Pick a Marketing Automation Platform Based on Price or Features

As the primary purchaser of technology platforms at our agency, I have spent a lot of time looking at marketing automation platforms - Hubspot, Eloqua, Marketo, Pardot, Adobe, Act-On, InfusionSoft - in search to find the best solution for our agency and our clients. The more technology platforms I have purchased (we spend around $30-40K per year on technology), the more important quality of service has become - even over features and price.   Quality of service are the intangibles that are not necessarily listed in the “best features” punch list - but are critical to getting your team trained,...
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The Story of Our Agency’s Move to WP Engine

The Story of Our Agency’s Move to WPengine
This blog post is part of “The Ultimate Guide to Web Development” blog series. The Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back - The Story of Our Agency’s Move from BlueHost to WP Engine Around a year ago, BlueHost went down. And I mean down down - all of their sites - and all of our company and client websites. Disaster! BlueHost eventually got everything back online, but this caused us to really evaluate where we chose to host ourselves and our clients. Until something goes wrong, it's easy to look at hosting as a commodity - all the same, with several basic options...
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Alaniz Quick Guide to Stock Photography Image Rights

Alaniz Quick Guide to Stock Photography Image Rights
Image usage rights are no joke! I have heard numerous stories of other agencies and businesses receiving cease and desist letters accompanied with threats of lawsuits if the violator does not voluntarily meet their $5K payment demand for damages. Ouch! Normally an image rights violation isn’t an intentional act to steal or defraud - it’s a simple mistake, oversight, or the ignorance of an intern who grabbed a photo off of Google Images, not knowing that the image is owned by Getty or another stock house. Although reading through license terms and conditions seems like a pain, it’s definitely worth...
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