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Alaniz Announces Partnership with DemandBase

December 21, 2018 (Novato, Calif) – Alaniz Marketing is excited to announce a strategic partnership with ABM technology company, DemandBase. DemandBase is a leading B2B marketing platform built specifically to support Account Based Marketing ABM sales and marketing strategy.

ABM is a marketing and sales strategy based on targeting and engaging a specific list of accounts.  “Account based strategies are not new,” says Andrew Erickson, managing partner at Alaniz, “but today’s marketing tech has taken it to a whole new level, combining big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to take targeting, engagement, and analytics to places never before seen.”

DemandBase technology helps companies identify ideal prospect companies using a variety of different methods, including look-alike audiences, AIML technology, and advanced targeting and filters.

Once prospects are targeted, the company uses a combination of IP and cookie data to identify and target specific influencers and decision makers at those companies, serving them customized digital advertising across the business web.

DemandBase’s ABM analytics platform provides account level engagement data, on-site and off-site purchase intent signals, and sales alerts.

“While digital media offers a ton of advantages over traditional media as far as tracking and analytics go, we know that there’s still spillover and waste,” says Roxanne Alaniz, principal of Alaniz. “Working with DemandBase, we’re able to identify and target specific companies, and from there, even narrow down to the department, seniority, and job function that we want to target.  It’s amazing technology and is proving to be a major strategic addition to our marketing stack.”

Andrew Erickson

Andrew is a partner at Alaniz and is responsible for heading up digital strategy and our organizational and technology infrastructure.