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The Weekly RAP: December 14, 2012

By December 14, 2012May 13th, 2019Uncategorized

The Weekly RAP

There’s some exciting things going on! Check out our latest posts this week!

Also, we’ve picked out some informative articles and great reading from around the web we think you’ll find valuable too! Happy reading!

This Week on our Blog…

How to Design an Email [infographic]

True confession time. . . I prefer my mobile email to have not images (OK, maybe one) and I leave images turned off in my desktop email software.

But it appears that I am in the minority and need to change how we design emails.

Promote Your New Offers With Optimized Press Releases

“Tweet it!” “Pin it!” “Update your status!” “Blog about it!” This is the common advice you will get about promoting your new service, product, or event. But what about a good, old-fashioned press release? It may not sound too exciting…until you see the results.

nimble hootsuite integration Toolkit: Nimble Social CRM Now Integrates with HootSuite

This morning Nimble Social CRM announced its new integration with HootSuite. Just think of it. . . two of my favorite friends coming together! Now I can access my Nimble CRM right from within HootSuite!

Nimble is a social CRM (customer relationship management) tool that combines the power of unified communications, social media tools, client management and team collaboration…

Inbound Marketing Made Easy: Part 5 – Optimized Lead Nurturing

Do you have good website traffic and leads coming in, but not closing? If so, your biggest marketing opportunity is to create optimized lead nurturing campaigns. “Lead nurturing” sometimes goes by other names like marketing automation, drip marketing, auto-responders, etc. Simply put, lead nurturing is a system that allows you to send an automated series of emails to an early stage lead in order to qualify them before handing them over to your sales team.

and Some Worthwhile Reading From Around the Web…

Image of Photographer with Camera Become a Content Marketing Secret Agent with Competitive Intelligence

Who wouldn’t want to become a secret agent like Jack Bauer, Ethan Hunt, and Perry the Platypus? We all want cool gadgets, sexy entourages, and glamorous gigs. More importantly, we want to be secret agents because they always have inside information.

definition of marketing analytics The Importance of Marketing Analytics

Analytics is one of those words: it gets used correctly for the most part, but often gets used as a catchall. As marketers, we understand the importance of having web analytics set up, of having an analyst on staff, and of constantly working with the data as a part of our daily practice.

koalas Google+ Now Lets Users Create and Join ‘Communities’

Well, it’s about time. Google+ hasn’t had a big update in a while, it seems.Earlier this week, Google+ rolled out its latest new feature thingy — Google+ Communities. I’ll explain what they are and how to set them up in detail in this blog post, but the long and the short of it is they’re little online communities on Google+ … pretty much what the name implies.

Blog Title Checklist

The Best Titles for Content Marketing — 13 Tips

Before writing, promoting, and publishing your next book, eBook, or content marketing premium (i.e., a report, SlideShare presentation, video, white paper, etc.), take a moment to make sure you’ve chosen the best possible title.

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