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Social Media and Content Sharing: A Match Worth a Thousand Words

By July 18, 2012May 13th, 2019Digital Marketing, Uncategorized
Social Media and content sharing are a match made in social media heaven and now that you’re revved up to crush your competition, you have to get really, really active on social media to grow your reach. And being active on social media means you need one thing: tons of content. And content isn’t just a tweet or a Facebook post either; to make your social media activities actually impact your business’ bottom line, you need to create lead generation content that lives on your website. 

  • Reach out to guest bloggers — they’ll create your content for you!
  • Curate content — round up the best blog posts, data points, infographics, etc. on various subject matters
  • Jot down the answer to a common question — people love a good FAQ
  • Publish excerpts from existing content, like ebooks and white papers
  • Conduct a quick interview — either on video or via email — and let your subject matter expertise blow your audience away for you

If you’re already an avid blogger, you should also have an arsenal of blog posts at your disposal that you can republish. Only re-publish your evergreen content — the content that withstands the test of time. Perform a quick audit of every old blog post that you plan to promote via social media to ensure they all have relevant, up-to-date calls-to-action. Remember, if your social media traffic doesn’t convert into a lead, it isn’t helping your business’ bottom line.

Speaking of lead generation, you’re going to want to publish offer content to social media to get more bang for your buck. Here’s some quick offer content you can churn out in a flash to feel your social presence:

  • Create a blog bundle — a kit of sorts that compiles blog posts about one particular subject
  • Do a data compilation of all the critical data points someone in your industry might need to know.
  • Prepurpose your presentations — PowerPoints can easily be converted into downloadable PDFs
  • Prelaunch an old offer; just be sure to update anything that’s out of date.
  • Record an interview or debate — all you need is a video camera a 15 minutes of two people’s time
  • Create templates and checklists — these require very little writing too
  • Reach out to partners to create co-branded content that eases the content creation burden

Finally, you’ll need some visual content to keep your social media presence going strong — particularly on Facebook and Pinterest. Social media fans and followers adore visual content, which means your engagement will soar when you publish it. And more engagement means wider reach — just what you need to crush your competitors! Take time to curate and create visual content; here are some quick ways:

  • Create memes — you can do it quickly on
  • Publish infographics –your own or others
  • Publish a chart or graph with data your fans and followers would care about
  • Insert an interesting data point into a visual — simply overlay the data in big, bold text over a relevant image
  • Find cartoons about your industry — people love a laugh
  • Take behind-the-scenes pictures of your employees, customers, and office happenings
  • Share videos, like case studies, interviews, and quick tips and how-to content

Now that you have more content than you know what to do with, it’s time to use it to drive some serious social media results.

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