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No matter who you are, good writing can make the difference between success and failure.


Writing is an essential function of our businesses and daily lives. Whether you provide renewable energy services, work to find solutions for diseases, or help people achieve personal records in a marathon, your message needs to be clear as day and connect to your audience.


Having a clear understanding of what you want to say and a format for saying it will make your writing powerful. Without it, your audience will lose interest, misinterpret, or just move on.


How many times have you been misunderstood or lost out on opportunities because of something you wrote? We’ve all been there, and experienced undesired outcomes as a result.


The good news is that there is a simple framework that can be applied to any piece of writing to help avoid failure.


First, forget about how you sound to the reader. Too many of us are concerned with how we come across instead of prioritizing the point of our speech. When it’s clear what you are trying to prove, and your data and story support that idea, people will follow and take action on it.


Second, is how you say it. Knowing and defining your voice is a keystone to your brand. Sort this out and it will be much easier crafting everything from social media posts to full-on marketing strategies.


Be clear before being clever. That’s not just good advice, that’s a maxim we follow in every story we craft. Writing, like design, is visual. It’s best employed with a healthy dose of contrast and drama.


Say more using fewer words. You can use color or flourish in your writing, but it’s best employed when it serves to strengthen your idea, voice, and brand.


If you need help in crafting good writing to help promote and support your idea or brand give us a call or reach out at


Want to reinvigorate your love for the printed word? Check out these great classics below:



John Steinbeck’s, East of Eden and Journal of a Novel

JD Salinger, Catcher in the Rye

Annie Dillard, An American Childhood

Norman Mailer, Executioner’s Song

Toni Morrison, Paradise

Marilyn Robinson, Gilead

Ernest Hemingway, A Movable Feast

Sabrina Khoury

Video Marketer Sabrina has a B.A. in Public Relations and Broadcasting & Integrated Media from Gonzaga University. She is a Videographer, Social Media Strategist and Multimedia Artist. Sabrina combines her love of filmmaking and public relations, telling stories and sharing perspectives through journalistic vignettes. When she’s not behind the camera, Sabrina loves hiking, cooking, and practicing yoga.