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The Weekly RAP for July 20, 2012

By July 20, 2012May 13th, 2019Digital Marketing, Uncategorized

This Week on the RAP!

Check out our latest posts this week along with some great reading from around the web!

Happy reading!

7 Ebooks to Write Now to Generate More Leads

While blogging is crucial to your website’s success, here’s a great post on seven ebooks you should write ASAP to generate even more leads for your business..

Social Media and Content Sharing: A Match Worth a Thousand Words

Social Media and content sharing are a match made in social media heaven and now that you’re revved up to crush your competition, you have to get really, really active on social media to grow your reach. And being active on social media means you need one thing: tons of content…

Toolkit: Where to Find Photos for my Blog?

Finding free images for your website or blog may be a challenging task if you don’t know where to look. And even if you find such images, a million questions come to mind: Are the images copyrighted? Check out this post for some links to some great (free) sites…

Family together outside their home

Sustainable Lead Generation for Senior Living Communities

While this post targets Senior Living Communities, it definitely applies to any small business. Read on to learn the ingredients for successful lead generation…

Worthwhile Reading from Around the Web

calls to action effective 11 Clever CTA Tricks Real Brands Are Using to Grow Their Email List

When we discuss calls-to-action (CTAs) in marketing, we often look at them as a key driver of lead generation. After all, they are mostly used to send incoming traffic to your landing pages and lead-capture forms. While CTAs are great for generatinglead conversions, they can also help contribute to a different goal: growing your email list…

10 Predictions For The Future of Marketing

The latest trends in marketing all center around hype and buzzwords like Social Media, Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing and the ubiquity of digital and customer experience. But as recent studies demonstrate, marketers are being left behind by the digital age and our marketing leaders feel unprepared with how to deal with it all…

12 Essential Social Media Cheat Sheets

Getting around a social media site is not always easy. For some users, it’s a matter of getting used to social media. For others, the issue is keeping up with constant updates and changes to features, privacy settings and account specifications. This, of course, is why social media cheat sheets exist…

21 Power Tips To Get Your Blog Content Shared On Facebook and Twitter

Bloggers in the main, crave attention otherwise they wouldn’t write, so making your content easy to share is one step towards having readers show up every day to your blog. Providing a tempting and low friction content sharing environment requires constant optimizing and fine tuning of your blog and the social media ecosystem that sustains it…

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