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The 5 Most Valuable Features of SharpSpring’s Marketing Automation Platform

By October 30, 2014May 19th, 2017Digital Marketing, Lead Gen

This blog post is part of “The Ultimate Guide to Lead Generation” blog series.

Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot, Oracle Eloqua are the heavy hitters of the marketing automation world and are widely considered the best marketing automation platforms. While they share many similarities, each have features that make them unique which leaves room for debate as to which one is the best. SharpSpring, a relative newcomer to the marketing automation game, is working hard to make a name for itself and has integrated innovative features that are worth highlighting. Here are the 5 most valuable features of SharpSpring’s marketing automation platform.

1) CRM
2) ROI Tracking
3) Dynamic Website Content
4) E-Mail Integration
5) Visitor ID with Zoom Info Integration

CRM – Most marketing automation platforms have the ability to integrate with CRMs like Salesforce, but not many have their own. SharpSpring can integrate with Salesforce and other CRMs, in addition to having a CRM of its own. SharpSpring’s CRM is easy to use, allows for unlimited users and contacts, and will meet the needs of many organizations looking for a CRM solution and are not looking for a highly complex solution like SalesForce. The integration of sales and marketing efforts/activities into one platform, with or without the use of a third-party software, allows for maximum efficiency.


ROI Tracking – SharpSpring has integrated ROI tracking abilities that make it possible for you measure the effectiveness of individual campaigns or marketing channels. Leads can be assigned to campaigns by landing page, UTM code, or referring website and then tracked until they become opportunities and customers. Once closed, SharpSpring automatically attributes sales numbers to the campaign the lead was associated with and calculates your ROI. SharpSpring also includes Google AdWords integration that allows for complete ROI monitoring from one place and dynamic call tracking that allows you to better attribute ROI to specific campaigns. This feature allows for superior campaign management, monitoring, and reporting.


Dynamic Website Content – Dynamic website content is one of the most innovative lead nurturing tools available today. Through SharpSpring, you can set up your website to change the content that is served to a visitor based on their characteristics and past behaviors. This feature takes content delivery and lead nurturing to next level, and provides a lot of value to those who use it.


E-mail Integration – A fairly recent addition to SharpSpring, e-mail integration allows you to seamlessly track all email communications from Gmail, IMAP, or Exchange that a salesperson has had with a lead. These emails are then stored in SharpSpring’s contact record and are available for review. This feature allows your sales team to better communicate with potential leads and better nurture them to close.


Visitor ID/Zoom Info Integration – The Visitor ID feature of SharpSpring allows you to identify anonymous web visitors without them ever filling out a form on your website. SharpSpring tracks web visitors based on their I.P. address. You are then able to click on the company’s profile and access contact information of employees from Zoom Info’s database. This feature allows you to qualify unknown visitors as a lead without them contacting you, and then make the decision to cold call them or not. Learn more about this feature in our blog about visitor intelligence.

SharpSpring-Visitor-IDSharpSpring’s CRM, ROI tracking, dynamic web content, e-mail integration, and visitor ID are 5 of the most valuable features. If you would like to experience these 5 features for yourself, and learn about SharpSpring’s other features, request a free demo below.  Not ready for a demo yet, check out our blog on SharpSpring’s cost.

This blog post is part of “The Ultimate Guide to Lead Generation” blog series.