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Long Tail Keywords and Online Marketing: The REAL Relationship Begins Here

By July 10, 2012May 5th, 2023Digital Marketing, Uncategorized

The Long-tail keyword is your new relationship building weapon for finding the one…

Yay!!! So, you said all the right things to get the date… you’ve dressed up, shaved up and showed up… You just might have found what you were looking for. And visa versa. At least~you both hope. But, while having dinner you find you really have nothing in common. Well, that  was a waste… and it’s not the first time either!  Of course, it could have been avoided had you put out the right message in the first place…

id-10014978Long tail keywords and online marketing is much the same way. You’ve identified your keywords and you rank high for them. That’s great! You draw lots of traffic to your site. Well, that’s great too. But, do your visitors convert to leads and leads to sales? If you’re not getting the conversions or opportunities to build lasting relationships, read on because I can give you some insight as to why that might be the case.

As consumers in this digital age, we have learned to be much more specific about what we want.

Gone are the days where we search for “bar stools.” Instead, we type into our search bar, for example, 27″ red leather retro bar stool.  Having simply typed in bar stools, you would unlikely find what you were looking for right away. However, if you typed in 27″ red leather retro bar stool,it is very probable you would find bar stools that fit your criteria right away.

Now, if you rank high for bar stools as one of your keywords, no doubt you get lots of traffic with people searching for “bar stools.” But what if you don’t even have “red leather retro bar stools”? Well, that’s where the beauty of the long tail comes in.

Let’s get specific

What are long tail keywords? A longtail keyword is a keyword phrase  that has very low search volume but has the ability to target or “hone in” to the specifics of what a buyer is looking for. And as such, long tail keywords from the buyer and seller’s perspective create a win-win on both sides. Why? When you, the buyer, are able to (really) articulate in a concise manner what you want, you will pull more pages that (really) have what you want, without the need to sift through what you don’t want.

And, when, you, the seller, are able to hone in on your buyer’s desires and how they may be searching for you, you’ve hit the bulls-eye! Why? Because you’ve articulated in your content and keyword PHRASES that you have what the buyer is looking for~and that’s a great way to start a relationship.

The ball is in your court…

Because today’s consumer is more educated about their needs, you as a business owner need to step up to the plate and be specific about what it is you have to offer. This way, you’ll attract more qualified leads. By refining your buyer/seller criteria, you filter out those that aren’t serious about what you have to offer and from the buyer’s perspective, they won’t needlessly be asked to visit a site that doesn’t have the substance they seek.

Go ahead, play the field…

The other tip to be aware of is that for every page you have on your website, you can and should  have long tail keywords specific to what’s on that page (again, keyword PHRASES that your potential customer might type into the search engine). Because every page is different, you have the ability to target each page to your buyer’s specific search queries and this is imperative to your website’s success!

In conclusion, your long tail keyword strategy should be your new SEO focus. Gone are the days of a specific keyword or even keywords. The long tail is the new buzzword that will get you the relationship and results you and your consumer want!

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Larry Levenson

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