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Five Most Common Blogging Mistakes

By May 21, 2014September 9th, 2016Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing

Blogging is a great way to increase traffic and attract leads to your site. Nearly 40% of U.S. companies use blogs for marketing purposes. This said, blogging must be done right. There are a variety of blogging mistakes companies tend to make. Here are five of the most common blogging mistakes.

1. Not Offering Content Variety

Although you want to show your expertise in a specific area, failing to offer a variety of content will bore your readers. You are bound to lose the interest of your audience if you are writing blogs that are too similar to each other. No one wants to read four or five blogs about the same subject. Stick to your area of expertise, but offer content variety through the range of information you present. Write about different subjects or common problems that your desired audience tends to have.

2. Failing to Keep Audience Engaged

Your audience has read your article … so now what? Your audience is vital to your blog, it’s important to keep them engaged and involved. Some easy ways to keep your audience involved is by asking questions, leaving comments open, replying to comments, and listening to feedback. By creating an environment where your audience feels involved they are more likely to give you quality feedback that you can utilize to attract more visitors. For example, if someone makes a comment that you feel you could answer better with another blog–start writing!

3. Not Optimizing for Lead Generation

If you’re not optimizing for lead generation, you’re missing a lot of opportunities. A quick fix would be adding a call-to-action (CTA) to each blog. A CTA can be a button, banner, or anchored text link at the top or to one side of the page that a reader can click on giving you an opportunity to convert them into a customer. This will ensure that you capture all potential leads visiting your blog.

4. Failing to Use Social Media to Promote Blogs

Social media has the power to promote your blogs. By promoting your blogs through social media, you’re able to spread awareness and increase the attention you will get from your blogs. Making your blogs more available to the community will attract more leads and traffic to your site. It takes a simple Facebook post or quick Tweet with a link to your blog to guide readers to your site.

5. Expecting Overnight Success

Blogging is a great way to attract leads, but building your readership takes time and practice. If you give up on your blog, you’re essentially giving up on opportunities for leads. For best results, get in the habit of blogging consistently. Consistent blogging helps create a constant flow of opportunities. For every blog you post you create another opportunity to generate more leads. As the number of blogs start to compile you will see the number of opportunities start to increase.

Simply by being aware of these five common mistakes, and then implementing the solutions, will help polish your blog writing techniques and help you capture more leads.

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