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Three Hidden Benefits of the Hubspot COS

HubSpot’s Content Optimization System (COS) promises a lot of features to make web development and inbound marketing faster, easier and more effective for HubSpot users. Building and managing your website with the same platform that you use to run inbound campaigns and to nurture leads can save time switching between platforms, and it can improve visibility into user behavior with unified metrics. There are three powerful benefits behind the COS platform that you can’t really see at first glance, or at least are not typically top of mind when exploring the development tools and their links to the marketing automation system.

Have you ever checked your website and found a message in Russian that equates to “so long, sucker!” I have. It is a terrible, terrible experience. Yes, people attack websites for fun. Building your site on COS means you have built-in SSL encryption, and you have the same application firewall and security team that is protecting HubSpot installations around the world. You also get enterprise class hosting by HubSpot, adding a robustness many companies otherwise might not be able to afford.

HubSpot has built an advanced Content Delivery Network (CDN) and implemented a state of the art Web Application Accelerator (WAA). A CDN is a network of servers around the world that work together to deliver content as quickly as possible. This means that if your customer or prospect is in Europe, and they visit your website, the pages will load from a nearby server. COS is built on the same CDN that supports the HubSpot marketing automation platform, giving your customers and contacts a faster user experience. The WAA further speeds its performance by optimizing application delivery based on a user’s location, the content being requested and the device being used. Site speed and page loading speed are now SEO factors as they impact user experience

This might be the best hidden benefit of all. HubSpot offers live phone support for all of its products. If you’ve ever used HubSpot support, you know it is top notch. If you’ve ever searched for hours through WordPress user forums, trying to find an answer to a question, you know what a tremendous time saver live, professional support can be. Instead of relying on a network of good Samaritans for assistance, you can pick up the phone and get immediate help.

When we think of website development, we typically think of things like design tools, theme support, information architecture and mobile performance. We don’t always think about site security, speed and support. These are, however, critical factors in the initial development and ongoing management of every website.

HubSpot COS Web Redesign Alaniz

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