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The Weekly RAP for August 31, 2012

By August 31, 2012May 13th, 2019Uncategorized

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There’s some exciting things going on! Check out our latest posts this week!

Also, we’ve picked out some informative articles and great reading from around the web we think you’ll find valuable too! Happy reading!

Content Marketing Now Has Context with Hubspot 3

At Hubspot’s annual conference of inbound marketers, CEO Brian Hallgan announced the immediate available of Hubspot 3 yesterday. Hubspot 3 is poised to completely change the marketing universe by using the CONTEXT of a web visitor’s online behavior to determint what CONTENT to display to them.

Ebooks for Lead Generation: This is Where Content is King

E books have become a staple in the age of digital marketing. From cooking to marketing, ebooks are being written on every conceivable topic. And because most of us thirst for knowledge, it’s not surprising that the ebook’s popularity is nothing short of remarkable.


Lead Nurturing Down the Sales Funnel

Does Inbound Marketing feel like you’re taking a trip down a Rabbit Hole into the unknown?

Using Keywords Effectively: Keyword Ranking Difficulty

By choosing keywords that have a low difficulty (easy to rank for) we can get our posts listed on page one of Google more quickly. Why is this important? 78% of people don’t search past page #1 of the search engines for any keyword phrase.

Worthwhile Reading from Around the Web


The best mobile-optimized email campaigns from H1

While a significant portion of marketers’ email opens come from smartphones, many brands still struggle with how to optimize their campaigns for mobile. However, companies such as JCPenney and Nike understand that simplicity is key.

Working Residents: A Growing Trend in Senior Living?

At almost every senior living community I visit, I meet or hear about a resident who “still goes to the law firm three times a week,” or “travels internationally as a well known expert,” or “just published their fifth book.” These working folk aren’t a large percentage of the resident population at senior living communities, but what about 10 years from now?

block video

4 Blogging Tips to Double Your Site Traffic

Jason Crawford, president of the Parts and Service division of Block Imaging, was upstaged by his six-year-old daughter. In her ponytailed debut on the Block Blog, Crawford asked her, “Madeleine, do you know how to fix a laser aimer?”, to which she confidently replied, “Yes!”

LinkedIn Profile Tips for CEO’s, Business Owners and Spokespeople

Goal of your personal LinkedIn Profile. Your personal LinkedIn Profile acts like a billboard for the company. It needs to reflect the spirit, culture and feel of the organization.  It is about company branding: the company’s vision, products/services and place to work (employer branding).

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