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HubSpot COS FAQ: How do I change my content? Can I add pages?

By November 19, 2013May 4th, 2023Uncategorized

We’ve written several blog posts about HubSpot’s new Content Optimization System (COS) and have had the opportunity to talk with a lot of HubSpot customers about migrating to this new platform. In these discussions, we get a lot of the same questions over and over again.

I need flexibility to change content on my website. Do I need a coder to do this?

No! The COS is setup so that you can easily change or add text, images and video as you wish throughout your website. And you don’t need to know how to spell HTML to do it!

Each page of your website is based on a custom COS template. These templates are comprised of modules, and the one that gives you the most flexibility is the rich text module. It looks like this:

This rich text editor allows you to add text, images, and video directly from the toolbar. In addition, you can style the text, add headlines, bullets, italics, and even a read more separator, which determines how much of your post will be seen on the post listing page.

The rich text editor is totally intuitive and is available on all your website pages, as well as landing pages, thank you pages, and emails. The same tool, used to create content in all four areas. No code needed!

Can I add new pages to my website and link them on my navigation menu?

Yes! You can add as many new web pages as you want, at any time. The content for these pages will go into text editor modules like the one shown above. As you add pages, the COS creates the page URL for you.

This URL can be added into the menu system so your visitors can quickly find this new content.

You can find the menu system at Content > Content Settings > Sitemap. You can add your new page here as a top-level menu item or a “child item” (in the drop-down below a top-menu item), and you can drag the link for that page to wherever you’d like it in the menu.

The HubSpot COS: easy enough for a marketer to use

Whether marketing is your career or you’re an “accidental marketer”, the COS is designed to be easy-to-use. You can add textual content, photos and videos with just a few clicks.

The COS is much faster than HubSpot’s old CMS, and in fact it’s at least 50% faster than Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress.

Learn what you need to consider before moving to the COS by downloading our COS Readiness Checklist.

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