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Taking professional, high-quality video can seem like the greatest challenge. If you are a company that would love to implement video into your practice, but can’t seem to rake up the expenses it takes to hire a videographer to do the work, here are some tips and tricks you can use to produce your own videos: 

Use a Tripod

Video TripodWhether you use an image stabilizer or think that you have the steadiest of hands, it is always wiser to stabilize your footage with a tripod. Whether you use your phone, a DSLR or a video camera to gather your shots, make sure you get the appropriate size tripod for your equipment. Once you begin using one, you’ll notice the difference in low-quality video clips and high-quality ones. It is worth the extra effort. 

Some affordable options include: 

AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag — $23.49: 

Mactrem PT55 Travel Camera Tripod Lightweight Aluminum for DSLR — $39.00:

All-In-One Professional Tripod for Apple & Android Devices, Extends To 51″— $21.99: 

Keep it Clean. Keep it Simple.


Remember, you are now starting to learn and implement video at your company— you’re not a professional, so do not try to be. Don’t get too technical or creative with your shots if you have slim experience. Leave your camera on the tripod until you feel confident enough to add tertiary movement into your practice. Keep it simple and professional with your shots, background, and script. The more material you feel comfortable shooting, the more confident you will be adding it into your final video.

Invest in Lighting


Good lighting is crucial for any video. A sure way to make your video look high-quality is to have perfect lighting. Learn about lighting and invest in lighting equipment.  Try to get as much natural light in your video as possible by positioning yourself facing a window and use the sun as your light source— it will look professional, while also keeping your budget low. 

Some affordable options include: 

ESDDI 20″X28″ Softbox Photography Lighting Kit— $57.86: 

Neewer LED Ring Light Kit– $99.99: 

Invest in a Quality Microphone


Video MicrophoneTo really leverage the power and professionalism of your video, it is important that you put audio quality at the forefront of your video-making journey. Audio quality is the most crucial aspect of the video making process. Having bad audio can ruin your entire video while also losing the interest and trust of your audience. Generally, the more expensive the microphone, the better the quality— invest in this equipment more than anything else. 

Some affordable options include: 

Rode VideoMic Boom Kit — $199.00: 

Choose the Right Camera


Video CameraCamera equipment can be tremendously expensive— invest in your audio and lighting, then think about choosing the right camera. The latest smartphones have amazing cameras worthy of producing a great video. This is a great place to begin your practice and feel comfortable behind the camera. Experiment with what you have before investing in something you want. The more you can exercise your craft, the more you’ll understand your skills and start to define the qualities you’d like to see in the right camera. Here are some quick tips for when you begin filming: know the rule of thirds (and follow them), look at the camera lens when you’re recording (not the subject) and if you are using a smartphone, hold your phone in landscape position. 

Some affordable options include: 

Canon EOS Digital SLR with Lens— $1,149.00

Video Editing


Video EditingAnd lastly, video editing software can be incredibly expensive. If you are still beginning your video production journey, do not invest in month-to-month video editing softwares. Know that most computers nowadays provide you with a free video editing module, be-it IMovie, Windows Movie Maker, or Shotcut. Take the early stages of this new found production as practice before you make the jump to a paid video editing membership. 

And that’s it! You now have the fundamentals of corporate video production and can create your own videos on-site. Remember, don’t complicate your production right off the bat– simplify your production to achieve perfection!


Sabrina Khoury

Video Marketer Sabrina has a B.A. in Public Relations and Broadcasting & Integrated Media from Gonzaga University. She is a Videographer, Social Media Strategist and Multimedia Artist. Sabrina combines her love of filmmaking and public relations, telling stories and sharing perspectives through journalistic vignettes. When she’s not behind the camera, Sabrina loves hiking, cooking, and practicing yoga.