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4 Ways to Get Started with Digital Advertising

By March 4, 2014March 26th, 2018Advertising, Digital Marketing

Feeling a little perplexed about digital advertising?  

Here are a few easy ways to get started!

We all know that times have changed.  The effectiveness of traditional advertising has been on the decline for a while now.  

When I look at my life it’s easy to see why:

1.  I almost never watch TV commercials, thanks to TiVo.

2.  I haven’t listened to the radio in my car since I got Sirius Satellite Radio.

3.  I tune in to Spotify and Pandora at work, again, in lieu of the radio.

4.  I don’t answer my phone if I don’t know who’s calling.

5.  I get my news online, so I almost never read the paper.

Not to say that traditional television, radio, and print advertising doesn’t work.  We still book a lot of it very strategically and track positive results.  That being said, if you’re not mixing it up a little bit, it might be time to start getting your feet wet.

Without further ado, here are a few ways to break away from those traditional roots and get started with digital marketing.

Trade Radio for Spotify or Pandora – Internet radio ads are spaced out and shorter and users control the music selection, which means that they won’t be changing the channel when your ad starts.  Internet radio also allows for interactive ads and advanced demographic targeting, which increases conversion rates and decreases wasted impressions.

Try Hulu instead of Television – Hulu offers some of the most effective video advertising in the world – up to twice as effective as traditional television advertising.  Hulu offers premium content across multiple devices and delivers demographically and behaviorally targeted advertising.

Invest in Attracting Visitors to Your Website – As a business, you have a choice to buy your way to the top of search engines via pay-per-click, or earn your way there with great content and sound marketing strategy.  Consider the value of a high quality blog article that brought 30, 300, or 3,000 potential customers to your site every single month while they were doing pre-purchase research.  Think about it…

Retarget People Who’ve Visited your Website – Remarketing or Retargeting is a highly targeted form of digital display banner advertising, where ads are served across the internet, but only to people who have visited your website before.  It can also be configured to only target those who have completed a specific action on your site, like visit your pricing page.

Once you get your feet wet, there are many other options to explore like search, display, online editorial, video pre-roll, and so on.  You can even explore cost-per-acquisition (CPA) advertising, where you only pay for the sales that you make.

Aside from the fact that we know that most people today are multi-screen users, one of the beautiful things about digital media is the great analytics and trackability, so make sure that you start with a sound strategy, specific measurable goals, and track your progress.

Best of luck, and feel free to drop us a line if we can help!

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Andrew Erickson

Andrew is a partner at Alaniz and is responsible for heading up digital strategy and our organizational and technology infrastructure.