Programmatic Buying is Transforming the Television Advertising Market

In 2017, programmatic digital display ad spending reached $32.56 billion and is projected to continue to grow rapidly throughout 2018, and hit $45 billion in spending by 2019 (Source: Digilant). Everyone’s talking about the rapid growth and success of programmatic buying that can be used to eliminate archaic buying processes. So what is it? Programmatic buying refers to an automated way of transacting media using a platform in which buyers and sellers of advertising space can then bid for that space. The way marketers have learned to manage digital advertising campaigns can now be applied to television advertising. Television remains…

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Will Proximity Marketing Be Bigger than Search?


New technology is allowing brick and mortar retailers to deliver a powerful customer experience with direct communication in-store–helping shoppers find what they want and give them special offers based on past history and real-time behavior. Using beacons, GPS, and social networks, retailers may be able to disrupt ecommerce by delivering “proximity marketing”–a more personalized, convenient and delightful experience that customers can’t get online. Here are some numbers that might surprise you. A 2015 survey by SessionM found that 90 percent of shoppers use their phones to shop while they are in stores. A separate study by TimeTrade research found that…

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