Programmatic Buying is Transforming the Television Advertising Market

In 2017, programmatic digital display ad spending reached $32.56 billion and is projected to continue to grow rapidly throughout 2018, and hit $45 billion in spending by 2019 (Source: Digilant). Everyone’s talking about the rapid growth and success of programmatic buying that can be used to eliminate archaic buying processes. So what is it? Programmatic buying refers to an automated way of transacting media using a platform in which buyers and sellers of advertising space can then bid for that space. The way marketers have learned to manage digital advertising campaigns can now be applied to television advertising. Television remains…

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Why Your Paid Ad Campaign Isn’t As Successful As You Had Hoped

Paid Advertising
In 2017, $209 billion was spent worldwide on digital advertising. (Source: MAGNA) Considering this tremendous amount of money spent, how much of it was spent wisely? There is a growing amount of advertisers looking to the Google Search Network and social media advertising channels to seek out new business. Although these can seem like a promising resource for quick growth, it might not be the first place you should start. One of the issues in starting with paid advertising, especially if you’re a new company, is your brand awareness. Brand awareness is the extent to which consumers are familiar with...
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How To Use Facebook Dynamic Ads Drive In-Store Sales

In recent months Facebook has been honing its ability to serve ads to people based on their locations, now enabling retailers to advertise local in-store products and promotions to nearby shoppers from their online catalogs. These new ads are called “dynamic ads,” and they don’t  just offer national or global products to shoppers when they’re near a store, they allow individual stores to let people know what’s available now. Like Google, Facebook recognizes that when someone is searching for something local, they want local information. “Many retailers already use Facebook ads to promote their in-store products, but until now it...
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How to Beat Ad Blockers with Awesome Digital Advertising

According to a report by PwC, digital advertising is the fastest growing advertising segment, expected to grow at an 11 percent CAGR clip to reach $260.4 billion by 2020.  What’s driving growth the most is mobile ad spend. In 2015 nearly half of digital advertising spending was on mobile, and emarketer says mobile advertising will grow 38 percent in 2016 to reach 63 percent of digital advertising. Mobile ad spend is growing fast because mobile searchers now outnumber desktop and laptop searches combined, and mobile search is growing faster. To learn more on this read Why You Need to Optimize...
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Will Proximity Marketing Be Bigger than Search?


New technology is allowing brick and mortar retailers to deliver a powerful customer experience with direct communication in-store–helping shoppers find what they want and give them special offers based on past history and real-time behavior. Using beacons, GPS, and social networks, retailers may be able to disrupt ecommerce by delivering “proximity marketing”–a more personalized, convenient and delightful experience that customers can’t get online. Here are some numbers that might surprise you. A 2015 survey by SessionM found that 90 percent of shoppers use their phones to shop while they are in stores. A separate study by TimeTrade research found that…

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Ads Are Not Enough: Why You Need A Customer Engagement Strategy

Digital marketing, mobile technology, and social networking have opened up powerful new advertising channels. It is possible to target like never before--by demographics, real-time location, and behavior, likes and dislikes, and just about any other preference people identify on their social networking accounts. That’s great--a direct channel to very specific customers that you can use to offer the things you already know that they like! But it’s not enough. You need a customer engagement strategy. Here’s why: Buyers are in control: 90% research online before clicking on an ad Shoppers are skeptical of ads: 97% think ads are exaggerated They...
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Make Digital Advertising Work Better with Inbound

This blog post is part of “The Ultimate Guide to Lead Generation” blog series. A company came to us looking for help building a new website. In the process of discussing the marketing goals, they mentioned that they had spent $30,000 on digital advertising to try to build their contact database with qualified leads. Naturally, we asked how it was working. “I really don’t know,” the client said. He pulled a printout of the results he’d been given by his media buyer. It listed only impressions and clicks. There was no contact information--nothing his business could act on. Digital advertising...
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Programmatic Advertising for TV Drives Transparency for Buyers

Programmatic advertising has emerged as a potentially powerful, automated system for buying digital ads. You enter your target demographic, budget and other information and software would scan inventory and give you a list of options. In a nutshell, programmatic advertising automates the decision-making process of where ads are placed, using artificial intelligence (AI) and real-time bidding (RTB) for online display, mobile, and video campaigns — and it’s making inroads into TV and social media, too. The promise of programmatic advertising is that it can search through the seemingly infinite options and find just the right channels to reach your target...
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San Francisco Bay Area Guide to Radio Advertising

San Francisco Bay Area workers have the dubious honor of enjoying the second longest commute times in the nation—averaging 4.6 hours per week on the road, according to a 2015 report. While this is bad news for just about everyone involved in the region’s workforce, long commute times spell opportunity for at least one market: broadcast radio advertising. Bored, frustrated, commuters turn on their radios for news and entertainment during their journeys to and from work, and savvy advertisers know how to reach them. The radio advertising landscape in the San Francisco Bay Area is evolving as customer behavior shifts...
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How to Measure the Success of Online Advertising

hot to measure-success-of-online-advertising
This blog post is part of “The Ultimate Guide to Lead Generation” blog series. Billions of dollars are made each year from online advertising. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, companies captured $23.1 billion from online advertising in the first half of 2014.* This is a record high and a 15% increase over 2013, which means the cat is out of the bag when it comes to the potential value of online advertising. You may be currently advertising online or considering doing so, but do you know if your advertising program is leading to similar revenue gains? By determining your...
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