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Public Relations

Why You Need a Digital Marketing Agency for PR

Public relations (PR) has changed. In the pre-digital age, PR agencies helped companies build relationships with press, develop campaigns to get media attention, and drive brand awareness and build thought leadership in their product categories. For more help with PR check out the Ultimate Guide to Public Relations resource page. As Carrie Morgan says on the website Social Media Today, “PR has changed massively; it isn't just about media relations and churning out press releases like it used to be a decade ago.” Brand awareness and thought leadership are still important, but the channels used to achieve these goals have...
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How to Choose a PR Agency

If you Google “how to choose a PR firm,” you’re likely to find a bunch of articles by PR firms that will suggest that you look for agencies just like theirs. That’s content marketing after all--trying to answer people’s questions about a business challenge with helpful information that subtly conceals varying levels of self-promotion. This is not one of those articles. There are really two things a PR agency must be able to offer, and many can do both. It needs to be able to integrate digital marketing strategies with PR, and it needs to have a media database platform...
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What is Digital PR and How is It Different from Traditional PR

Digital Public Relations (PR) is a strategy that aligns PR with SEO, inbound marketing and lead generation. The key difference between digital PR and traditional PR is that traditional PR is typically measured in impressions that a brand or company receives from media channels, while digital PR is measured by links back to a company’s website that lead to increased engagement and sales. For additional help with public relations check out our Ultimate Guide to Public Relations for 2017. The Power of Backlinks Backlinks are among the most powerful signals that search engines measure when deciding what results to display...
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Getting PR Coverage: Do’s and Don’ts from Journalists

If you create a product or service that solves a real problem for businesses or consumers, odds are that something about it is newsworthy. Does it solve a problem that has vexed consumers or businesses for years? Does it replace a slower, more expensive solution? Answers to these kinds of questions about how your products help users are the type of news that can help you get press coverage for your business. For more help with public relations check out our resource page--The Ultimate Guide to Public Relations for 2017. That’s because most publications exist not to promote companies, but...
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How to Rent a Media Database Through a PR Agency

In the classic book, The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding, authors Al Ries and Laura Ries make the case that public relations (PR) is the key to building a powerful brand. Their mantra is “PR builds brands, advertising protects them.” The reasoning is that people believe what others say about a brand in third-party media more than they believe promotional material from a company. Getting lots of press coverage creates a perception of leadership and quality that advertising can’t buy. Once that perception is established, advertising protects the brand by making it very expensive for another company to try to...
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PR Expert Shares Tips for Public Relations Success at CES

Alaniz Trade Show PR
On January 9, 2018, nearly 200,000 people will arrive in Las Vegas to shop for and to promote the hottest new consumer electronics products at CES. That includes more than 7,000 members of the media. CES 2017 received 59,969 media mentions and more than 69 billion impressions in January alone. That’s on top of generating 1 million mentions and 4.3 million video views on Twitter, 133 million Snapchat live views, and 39,000 Instagram posts. You can be sure that in addition to hustling for customers, every product and company on the show floor will be hustling for media attention. The...
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How to Score Big With Your Next Press Release

This blog post is part of “The Ultimate Guide to Public Relations” blog series. The adage that “PR builds brands and advertising defends them” is truer than ever. More than at any other point in history, people want to know what other people--neutral third parties--think about a company before considering what a company says about itself. Social media has opened the floodgates to third-party recommendations, and journalists, whether bloggers, reporters, or reviewers, hold as much sway as social likes and follows. A thumbs up from a respected publication can give a huge boost to brand awareness and sales. The press...
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What is a Media Database?

This blog post is part of “The Ultimate Guide to Public Relations” blog series. Public relations is all about getting press coverage for your company and product, and managing press relationships when good news and bad news happens. With the proliferation of media outlets, knowing who is writing about your industry or business can be extremely challenging. Media database platforms (Cision, Meltwater, Muck Rack) have been created to help. These are platforms that include a database of multiple types of “influencers”--journalists, bloggers, analysts, columnists and more and the “beats” or markets that they cover. Features vary from platform to platform,...
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How and When to Use a Wire Service

This blog post is part of “The Ultimate Guide to Public Relations” blog series. Press release wire services have traditionally been the go-to channel for widespread press release distribution to search engines, top publications, and national newsrooms. The largest service providers for wire releases include PRWeb, PRNewswire, BusinessWire, and MarketWired. What to Expect from a Wire Service In terms of cost, wire releases can run from around $100 - $1,000, depending on the level of distribution and features that you’re looking for. There is a nice sweet spot in the $250-$350 range that should serve the majority of people’s needs....
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