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5 Simple Ways to Attract High Quality Leads

By October 11, 2013February 8th, 2023Uncategorized

Ahhh, that seemingly elusive goal of attracting an abundance of high quality leads. As business owners, your success depends on it; as marketers, your job is measured by it. Quality lead generation is why we strive to put ourselves in front of the right target audience and say the right thing, yet when all is said and done, we scratch our heads and wonder where we’re missing the mark.

I’ll admit it, there are as many lead generation solutions out there as there are marketers, yet the truly effective solutions remains surprisingly simple.

1) Produce High-Quality Content

If you want to attract high quality leads to your website, you must make a commitment to producing content your audience wants. Whether it’s how-to videos, an industry related blog or even a calendar of events, you must be committed to consistently producing content your audience is searching for. Not only that, it’s important that you use a little psychology and address your audience’s needs rather than tooting your own horn.

2) Use Keywords and Long-Tail Keywords

Your content is only as good as the keywords you use. By this, I mean that unless you’ve done a little research before creating your content, you’ll miss an easy and valuable opportunity for attracting the high quality leads you seek.  Why? Unless you’ve identified the proper keywords relevant to your audience’s search queries, how will the SERP (search engine results page) know where to place you? You may write a great blog, but if you don’t include relevant keywords (in your title and content) that you can rank for and that have a decent search volume, you’re essentially wasting your time.

3) Have an Easy to Navigate, Uncluttered Website

Begin first by clarifying what your intentions are and second, by understanding your audience and clarifying what their intentions are.  This also means understanding by what medium your audience finds you (think mobile, iPad or desktop), as well as your color scheme, layout, and design elements, all of which will impact a perception of credibility.

4) Offer Your Visitors Something of Perceived Value

Even if you do the above steps perfectly, it is of no use unless you’re able to capture your visitor’s contact information. Remember step one? By strategically placing FREE offers of expanded content throughout your website on topics relevant to their level of interest, you’ll entice them to want to learn more, and you’ll establish your company as a thought leader, which too, is a credibility booster. Finally, you’ll have gained the opportunity to continue the dialogue and this is where you can really begin to filter your website visitors from the high quality leads you seek. 

5) Share Your Content on Social Media

There’s nothing like good organic traffic to your website, but if you’re like most of us, this is where you spend a (good) portion of your free time. Guess what? So does your target audience and what better place to share your valuable content? Proper etiquette aside, social media platforms are like the equivalent of yesterday’s networking luncheons. If you’re not working the groups, you can bet someone else is. Use your lunch hour if you have to, but get out there and n-e-t-w-o-r-k!

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