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Hosting and Maintenance by Alaniz

Alaniz provides world class hosting and maintenance services designed to keep websites secure from threats and running at their peak.  Learn about our hosting package provided through WPengine, the best WordPress hosting service on the planet, and the different options that you have to maintain your site through Alaniz.

All Plans Include Premium WPengine Hosting

We vetted out dozens of website hosts to find the best in the business.  WPengine is certainly not the cheapest, but they are by far the best and worth every penny.  We wouldn’t host ourselves or our clients anywhere else. Not a chance.


WPengine provides 24/7 support from US-based experts.

Daily Backups

Automated, redundant systems to keep your site backed up.


Multiple powerful firewalls to keep threats at bay.

Malware Scan

Proactive detection and eradication of malware.


Proprietary chaching technology for massive scalability and speed.

SSL Ready

Enable SSL certificates on your site quickly and cost effectively.

CDN Ready

Blazingly fast page loads with a Content Delivery Network.

Single Click Restore

Instant backups and restores with Snapshot Backups.

WPengine Hosting + Alaniz Maintenance

All plans come standard with premium hosting from WPengine. Our maintenance plans add regular security updates and server-side maintenance from the Alaniz team to keep your site running at peak performance and clear of malware, hacks, and security threats.

PlansHosting & Maintenance


Per Month

  • Is this plan right for me?
  • WP Engine Premium Hosting
  • Update Intervals
  • Security Threat Monitoring
  • Proactive Security Updates
  • Support Plan
  • Quarterly Support Hours
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Google Apps Email Management
  • SSL Certificate
  • Free Access to Premium Plugins
  • Additional Benefits

Business PlanMonthly Updates

$ 225

Per Month

  • Business Grade Support and Security
  • Monthly
  • Emergency and Priority Support
  • Up to 3 Hours

Why host with WPengine?

Simply put, WPengine offers the best performance, security, features, and support on the market. Sites load 2x faster. Multiple firewalls are in place to block security threats. Premium features include a staging server, automated backups, single click restore, proactive monitoring, security alerts, and more. And the support is second to none.

Why do I need a maintenance plan?

The web is full of hackers and malicious programs looking to exploit security vulnerabilities on servers and websites to insert malware, viruses, and steal protected information. To combat this, it is important to keep your site constantly up to date with the latest updates and security patches. With regular updates, daily backups and strong firewalls, you should be good to go!

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