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Six Things You Need to Know About Where ChatGPT Fits Into Marketing

By February 13, 2023February 14th, 2024Company News

ChatGPT Prompt + Poem

Will ChatGPT replace human marketers?

These days, the artificial intelligence (AI) writing tool ChatGPT by OpenAI is a hot topic of discussion in the marketing community. Many are wondering if AI will replace human marketers. 

At Alaniz Marketing, we’re preparing today for the marketing landscape of tomorrow by embracing ChatGPT and other AI tools to help us work smarter, reach our goals faster, and focus on tasks that AI technology can’t do. To put ChatGPT’s capabilities to the test, we asked it to generate a Valentine’s themed poem from Alaniz Marketing to its newsletter subscribers.

We gave it the following prompt: “Write a Valentine’s themed poem from Alaniz Marketing to its newsletter subscribers which explains the value of artificial intelligence for marketers but also details the fact that human marketers will remain important as AI evolves.”


Roses are red, violets are blue,

Marketing with AI, a dream come true.

Data insights gleaned with such ease,
Helping brands succeed, with AI at their keys.

But hold on a moment, let’s not forget,
The importance of human marketers, not just yet.

For though AI can analyze and predict,
It’s the human touch that can truly connect.

So on this Valentine’s Day, we raise a glass,
To the perfect blend of man and machine, so vast.

Where technology augments, and humans create,
A marketing recipe, so delicious and great.


As you can see, ChatGPT successfully wrote a poem that rhymes and made the points we asked it to. However, if you prefer a poem with more emotional depth it becomes clear “you get what you ask for.”  If you want a heartfelt poem, you need to be more specific in the prompt, denoting the importance of human input to guide the AI tool.

AI is disrupting marketing yet human marketers remain an important element

As ChatGPT keeps improving and advancing, many clients wonder if this tool can replace marketing agencies. With its ability to generate content quickly and efficiently, ChatGPT has the potential to eliminate some tasks performed by marketers. But once you’ve created content with ChatGPT, what are you doing with it? 

Marketing professionals bring a deep understanding of the market, the target audience, and the latest marketing trends and techniques, which can be invaluable in creating a successful marketing campaign. Even though ChatGPT is undoubtedly helpful, it’s not a replacement for in-house marketers or agencies. It’s a tool that helps marketers work more effectively.

How to use ChatGPT for Marketing?

The world of marketing has always been fast-paced and constantly evolving. The Alaniz team strives to stay ahead of the curve and find new ways to reach and engage with our clients’ audiences. To that end, we see ChatGPT as a valuable asset we can leverage to serve our clients. Here are three ways that Team Alaniz anticipates using ChatGPT to streamline our workflow, generate ideas, focus more on developing strategies, and contribute to content creation that resonates with audiences.

  1. Research Compilation: ChatGPT organizes research, suggests titles and topics, summarizes information, and finds trends and keywords. ChatGPT can write about the research topic, but users should allow time for fact-checking and rewriting since the AI is known to produce inaccurate data. ChatGPT explains its lack of knowledge: “I do not search the internet… I generate answers based on the information I was trained on.”
  2. Idea and Content Generation: ChatGPT can be a valuable brainstorming partner. Based on input and learned data, the AI can provide ideas for new products, services, and campaigns. It can write product descriptions, blogs, and social media posts. Marketers can turn the ideas and content into innovative, audience-pleasing campaigns.
  3. Data Analysis: ChatGPT quickly analyzes large data sets to inform marketing strategies. For example, the AI can analyze customer reviews and feedback to identify common themes and issues, helping us make product and marketing decisions.

What are the limitations of ChatGPT?

Team Alaniz is embracing this tool while being mindful of its limitations. We’ve found three areas where marketing needs a human touch to be effective.

  1. Emotional Intelligence: One of the most significant limitations of ChatGPT is its lack of emotional intelligence. It can generate coherent text based on input, but not human emotions or perspectives. In marketing, connecting with customers on a personal level is crucial for building brand loyalty and impactful campaigns. ChatGPT simply does not have the capacity to understand or replicate the empathy, cultural undertones, and overall life experience that human marketers bring to the table.
  2. Context and Nuance: ChatGPT can analyze large amounts of data and generate insights, but it doesn’t understand context or nuances. Effective marketing strategies require understanding how data is informed by other data and how to properly time messages to a market, target audience, and campaign.
  3. Creativity and Critical Thinking: ChatGPT’s ability to generate new ideas is limited by patterns it learned from massive text data. Additionally, much of its memory data is false, resulting in inaccurate content. ChatGPT also lacks critical thinking and problem-solving skills for marketing campaigns. Human marketers bring a level of creativity and critical thinking that just can’t be duplicated by an AI tool.

As AI tools continue to evolve, we’ll use them to streamline our workflow so we can concentrate on developing thoughtful, emotionally intelligent marketing strategies and tactics for our clients.

Final Thoughts

ChatGPT isn’t the future; it’s a step closer to the future. It’s a tool that helps marketers, but it isn’t a replacement. It has flaws that can only be overcome by good, old-fashioned human heart and soul. Open AI CEO Sam Altman noted via Twitter that “ChatGPT is incredibly limited, but good enough at some things to create a misleading impression of greatness.. It’s a preview of progress; we have lots of work to do on robustness and truthfulness.”

Humans will always play a crucial role for businesses looking to create effective and impactful marketing campaigns.