Digital Marketing

How to Use Powtoons to Create an Animated Video Fast (30 minutes!)

If you’ve been flirting with the idea of using video to market your product or service, now might be the time to make a serious commitment. Consider some of these numbers: 75 million people in the U.S. watch online videos every day. Merely mentioning the word 'video' in an email subject line, the click-through rate increased by 13 percent. By 2019, internet video traffic will account for 80 percent of all consumer Internet traffic Check out this article about 10 questions to ask for customer quotes for testimonial videos. Videos tell stories far better than static copy and images. We’re...
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Mobile Marketing 101

If you’re reading this article on a mobile device, it is probably time for you to get serious about mobile marketing. Consider these statistics: Mobile search surpassed desktop search in 2015, and the gap is widening (source: Google) People spend about 87 hours per month on their mobile devices (source: SmartInsights) People spend 69 percent of their time online using a mobile device (source: Comscore) 71 percent of marketers believe mobile marketing is core to their business (source: Salesforce) Mobile advertising will take 82 percent of ad budgets by 2019 (source: Emarketer) 80 percent of B2B buyers use mobile at...
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How to Use LinkedIn Website Demographics to Improve Advertising

Social media advertising is soaring in use because of its ability to target very specific people. With Facebook, you can target people based on the products and companies they like, groups they join, brands they follow, along with the traditional demographics of age, location, etc. Google AdWords allows you to target people as they search for solutions like yours. Check out this article on How to Choose the Best Social Scheduling Platform. Social Ads Don’t Always Hit the Target With this kind of targeting, digital advertising should be a cinch, right? Well, not always. You might get lots of click...
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How Digital Marketing and Digital Advertising Work Together

Digital marketing and digital advertising need each other in order for either to be effective. Think about it. If you create great digital ads that generate lots of clicks, those clicks need to go to landing pages or a website that engages visitors in ways that will help you qualify leads and nurture leads into customers. Digital Advertising Alone Isn’t Enough Unless all you want is impressions, digital advertising alone will not likely be enough to help you reach your goals. Digital advertising that is aligned with your digital marketing campaigns can, on the other hand, be a powerful growth...
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Digital Marketing for Dummies

If you’re not a millennial, odds are the tools and best practices of digital marketing are something of a mystery to you. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Yes, there is a generation of people coming into the labor force that don’t know what a busy signal is, have never truly dialed a telephone, and can type faster with their thumbs than most of us can with all of our fingers. But digital marketing is now essential for every business. If your business pre-dates the digital revolution, here is a brief overview of digital marketing tools and best practices that have...
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Myths About How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency

A digital marketing agency can serve as an external marketing team. Choosing one can be a challenge.  If you google “How to choose a digital marketing agency,” you’ll find lots of articles, some published as contributions to business news sites like Inc and Forbes, some blogs on their own websites, written by people who work at digital marketing agencies. They’re likely trying to steer you in the direction of an agency like theirs. This is not one of those articles. Yes, Alaniz Marketing is a digital marketing agency. But really there is no universal formula for picking an agency that...
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Digital Marketing for Non-Digital Companies

We work with a lot of companies that are new to digital marketing--either because they are startups just launching a marketing program or because they are in businesses that pre-date the digital revolution and have not seen the need to update their marketing strategies until they started to see sales slide and competitors take market share. Digital Marketing Defined Digital marketing involves using online communication tools and channels to build brand awareness, to generate and qualify leads, and to increase sales. This is primarily done through building websites optimized to attract people searching online for solutions to business and personal...
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Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

Digital marketing has emerged as a go-to set of tools and strategies for just about every business in response to the social and technical revolutions created ubiquitous internet access mobile search. In short, the primary ways most businesses and consumers buy products and services is by researching online using mobile devices, and contacting a supplier with their minds nearly made up. For more help with digital marketing check The Ultimate Guide to Lead Generation. Changing Strategy for Changing Behavior Digital marketing engages shoppers as they search for solutions, and while there are lots of tools and strategies to do this,...
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How Digital Marketing and PR Make Each Other Better

Marketing and public relations (PR) have traditionally been separate disciplines and departments within a business. Marketing is typically focused on communicating with potential customers and generating leads and sales through websites, direct email, social media and advertising. PR is focused on building thought leadership by getting mentioned by influencers in a company’s target market. To learn more about digital marketing, check out the 2017 Guide to Lead Generation. Search Marketing Rules But the disciplines have been on a trajectory to merge, especially with the explosion of inbound and search-oriented marketing. Because the vast majority of buyers now research online before...
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