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More than 90 percent of B2B buyers search online before contacting a supplier. Competition is fierce, and search algorithms change constantly. If your website is not optimized for search or hasn’t been optimized recently, you’re not going to get found.

Alaniz Marketing offers sophisticated, multidimensional SEO audits to determine exactly what is and isn’t working on your websites, and recommendations for how to fix anything that needs attention. Our findings are based on real data and real analytics, and our recommendations are based on best practices and years of experience helping companies get found online.

Alaniz Marketing Web Design and Web Development

SEO Benchmarking

We start by benchmarking your current ranking, on and off-page SEO hygiene, site performance to set goals.

Alaniz Marketing Web Design and Web Development

UX Strategy

User experience metrics include speed, mobile-friendliness, and page layout and engagement factors like bounce rates and visit times.

Alaniz Marketing Web Design and Web Development

Mobile Optimization

Mobile performance is critical to search engines. We’ll make sure your site delivers an optimized mobile experience.

Alaniz Marketing Web Design and Web Development

Conversion Rate Optimization

Gaining more traffic is only effective if it’s the right traffic and it converts anonymous visitors into known leads.

Alaniz Marketing Web Design and Web Development

Content Analysis

SEO means more than keywords. Search engines measure user engagement and content clarity and focus.

Alaniz Marketing Web Design and Web Development

Code Optimization

Poorly organized code can slow down sites in ways that penalize search rankings. We’ll help you minify HTML and CSS.




Digital Marketing

Web Development

Public Relations

Meet the new extension of your marketing department.

We set out to create the prototype marketing agency, built on a foundation of Agile process, inbound perspective, cutting-edge technology, and an amazing team of hybrid professionals. Let’s join forces and make it happen for your business.

How to find a great SEO Company

How to Find a Great SEO Company

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is getting harder every day. Optimizing websites, pages and content to rank high in search engine results is a fiercely competitive endeavor, and the criteria that search engines use to determine which pages to display keeps changing. It’s no wonder that more and more companies are turning to third-party SEO consultants, agencies and companies to get help and to ensure that they are consistently using SEO best practices. For more help with SEO check out our 2107 Guide to SEO. How Not to Choose an SEO Consultant How do you find a great SEO company? You…

Why You Might Need an SEO Audit

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If you rely on your website to generate leads and sales and are concerned about your search engine optimization (SEO) results, it might be time for an SEO audit. According to SEO experts at GotchSEO, “SEO audits are the single best way to figure out why you’re not getting SEO results.” It’s a Good Kind of Audit Many people have an aversion to the term “audit.” In conjures up frightening images of surly government agents determined to find expensive flaws in your taxes. But an SEO audit is a not something to be afraid of, especially if your search rankings…

Yes, You Need and SEO Audit, Here’s Why.

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Businesses that haven’t assessed their website’s search engine optimization (SEO) performance might want do to so. A recent report from the search marketing experts at SEMrush found that the factors influencing search engine results--ranking factors used to determine which pages rise to the top of search results--have changed. Businesses that thought they had their SEO covered may want to take a look with a fresh SEO audit of their websites. To learn more about what an SEO audit involves and how much it might cost, visit our SEO Audit service page. Changing SEO Ranking Factors SEMrush analyzed the top 100…

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