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1. Location, Location, Location

When it comes to picking the absolute best, right, most talented, most fitted, everything Web Development Agency to work with in and around San Francisco, it’s all about location, location, location. Just because we’re in a digital marketing world does not mean that our business teams work apart from each other. One-on-one, face-to-face contact, at all times, is critical to efficient web application development on a timely budget, whether once or twice a month meetings in person, when video calls just don’t do it, they are there for you in physical presence.

For instance, just by meeting in the same room with our clients during critical stages of website design and development in WordPress, we are able to communicate design ideas and move things into place right there. This can save countless hours of developer work, and thus saving the client money and speeding up the website release process. Without being able to occasionally meet in person, and relying just on virtual chat rooms or emails, we wouldn’t be able to be as productive as we are as a marketing and web development agency.

2. Skill & Abilities

Aside from your Web Development Team’s location, skill and abilities are what to seek next. You want the best. Your site deserves the best. So how do you find and choose from so many options out there? This is where you, the all-star entrepreneur and digital media marketing guru, looks to a team of other gurus and highly-skilled marketing professionals. So who’s it gonna be? The artful? The sleek and expensive? How much is expensive web development? So many logistical questions. How do you break it down into smaller slices?

When comparing skills and judging skill levels of web development teams, it is important to know what “platforms” they use and excel in. For instance, we have chosen a set of world-renowned, highly-used platforms like WordPress for website CRM, HubSpot for inbound marketing and sales funnel flow, Asana & Jira for client project management, Adobe Creative Suite for graphic design and website mockups, and Google Business for effective client file sharing, among other top software platforms. It’s best to ask your potential Web Development Team what set of platforms they run and make sure you are comfortable and/or setup to work alongside the Team in those software applications. Depending on the software platforms that the web dev agency chooses to work in can tell you a lot about their skills and abilities as web developers.

3. Resourcefulness

This is a first key indicator of a Web Development Agency’s skills & abilities: resourcefulness. The ability to find the right resources to fulfill any marketing challenge is crucial. Can the Web Development Agency demonstrate their ability to reach out to the world of vendors to help support your most expansive campaigns? What happens when you need custom JavaScript or a WordPress plugin that doesn’t exist? Can the agency support the unforeseen demands of the project?

Resourcefulness of an agency allows you to keep most web development work managed by the same Account Manager and/or Dev Team Representative. This can save ample time and effort, as the agency handles the human resources of getting your project done.

4. Presented Value

Once you have decided on the most skillful & able Web Development Agency in the San Francisco Bay Area (we’re in the North Bay!), it is up to their team to provide a detailed, accurately presented value of the project in discussion. This should include graphs, reports, detailed budget spreadsheets, each relating time and money. Get these reports. Devour them. Negotiate value. Then ask how much money they want to accomplish your dream project.

5. Timelines & Availability

While location, skill and abilities, resourcefulness, and presented value come into alignment, you must then discuss logical and realistic timelines and each team’s availability to dedicate to this project. This includes everything: budget, demand, requirements, labor, communication, deliverables, all of the above. Now… Who to choose? Which team has the best of everything? Which team leader will make it happen for me? Is my team ready for their Web Development team? So many questions!

Summary -- The Chosen One

The chosen agency is the winner, with each of these traits and proficiencies:

  1. Location
  2. Skill & Abilities
  3. Resourcefulness
  4. Presented value come into alignment, you must discuss
  5. Logical and realistic timelines and each team’s availability to dedicate to this project.
  6. Budget? Nope! That’s up to you!