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Alaniz Marketing Hosts Free Inbound Sales Boot Camp

By July 21, 2017September 13th, 2017Careers, Company News

Program helps emerging and transitioning professionals learn real-world best practices for sales in the digital age

(July 21, 2017, Novato, CA): Alaniz Marketing, a leading San Francisco Bay Area Marketing Agency, announced the launch of its free six week Inbound Sales Boot Camp to help recent graduates, developing professionals, and transitioning professionals prepare to enter the world of sales. The bootcamp is a hybrid program combining independent online studies and weekly face to face meetings at the Alaniz office.

“We’ve had a great deal of success training digital marketers with our Inbound Marketing Bootcamp,” said Andrew Erickson, principal at Alaniz Marketing and director of the program. “Sales is another area where it’s hard to find people with the right skills and experience for a new model of sales.”

Due to the rise in the use of search engines, buyer behavior has shifted. Consumers educate themselves online before contacting a supplier, which requires sales to adapt their strategy in order to be successful in the online shopping experience. Inbound sales is a crucial part of this approach. By understanding buyer behavior and learning how to engage shoppers as they search for solutions, boot camp participants will gain valuable new skills.

The goal of this Boot Camp Program is to help sales professionals who are seeking to learn new skills or update their current skillset. This is a great starting point for recent graduates or professionals looking for a way to transition in their careers. The Boot Camp will also provide an opportunity for stand out individuals of the program to become familiarized with the functions of a digital marketing agency and land a sales position at Alaniz Marketing.

The Boot Camp will introduce the Inbound Sales Methodology and discuss identifying potential buyers, developing outreach strategies, as well as building personalized presentations. Participants will independently complete the online Inbound Sales course as well as meeting one to two times per week at the Alaniz office. This provides the opportunity to interact with other participants and the Alaniz team to learn more about demand generation and fundamentals of the new sales approach.

Upon completion of the course, participants will understand the basics of inbound sales and earn an Inbound Sales Certification. At the end of the program, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion and a Letter of Recommendation outlining the skills they have learned and demonstrated.

About Alaniz Marketing
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