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Alaniz Announces Partnership with Map My Customers


March 9th, 2020 (Novato, Calif) – In an effort to strengthen its technology portfolio, Alaniz has partnered with Map My Customers, a data visualization and sales enablement tool specializing in lead routing and territory management.

Map My Customers translates geographic data from a CRM into a visualized map that can help sales and service teams with territorial mapping and contact segmentation. The software can generate customized routes to reach multiple contacts in a given day and within a specific geographic area. Map My Customers is especially useful for field representatives and on-site service teams.

“When there are multiple field reps making several on-site visits a day, inefficiency and time spent traveling can dramatically limit productivity,” says Andrew Erickson, partner at Alaniz Marketing. “Map My Customers allows us to strategically map out territories through an intuitive interface to help our clients’ sales and service teams work at their best. We’re able to visually keep track of where the leads and customers are, who we assign to them, and how to best reach them in person. This is going to be a very valuable tool for us.”

If you have any questions on Map My Customers or how Alaniz can help your business, please call the office at (415) 892-5252.

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