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Alaniz Featured in CIO Mexico: Las cuatro mejores herramientas de automatización de marketing

Alaniz Featured In CIO Mexico - Las cuatro mejores herramientas de automatizacion de marketing

This article originally appeared in CIO Mexico. El marketing moderno no solo trata de embudos y conversiones. En realidad, todo tiene que ver con las herramientas. Existen cientos de herramientas de marketing SaaS que están diseñadas para manejar todo, desde programar tweets para ayudar a que los comerciantes comprendan mejor a su público. Para determinar en qué herramientas vale la pena gastar, le pedimos a los profesionales del marketing digital que sopesen sus opciones. Aquí están las cuatro mejores herramientas de automatización de marketing (en términos de votos) citadas por nuestros 28 encuestados, junto con algunos servicios públicos alternativos que…

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Alaniz Featured in The Drum: Full-service v. specialty agencies: Which one reigns supreme?

Alaniz Featured in The Drum - Full-service vs specialty agencies - Which one reigns supreme

This article was originally featured in The Drum. Like precious snowflakes, each brand and agency is different, so – spoiler alert – there isn’t a definitive across-the-board answer about whether it is best to work with full-service or specialty agencies. In fact, like so many things in life, with the necessary caveats, of course, the ideal arrangement, broadly speaking, may lie in a healthy compromise between the two — or what I’d like to call the Hannah Montana Approach. But more on that in a minute. Citing entrepreneur Jim Barksdale’s “There are two ways to make money in business: You…

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Alaniz’s Bill Peatman Featured in Invoiceberry Blog: 22 Ingenious Social Media Marketing Tips from the Experts

Alaniz on Invoiceberry - 22 Ingenious Social Media Tips from the Experts

This article was originally featured in the Invoiceberry Blog. When you are a small business owner, entrepreneur or freelancer, you have so many things to focus on that you may forget about your social media marketing. While that’s understandable, you’ll soon realize that social media marketing is not just another marketing avenue. It is absolutely necessary. But what’s the best way to go about doing it and seeing actual results? We’ve talked a lot here about social media marketing. This includes our full guideand free ebook on social media marketing for small businesses and freelancers. So we decided to also ask some business…

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Alaniz Featured on Databox: 16 HubSpot Integrations Top Users Swear By

Alaniz Featured on Databox - 16 HubSpot Integrations Top Users Swear By

This article originally appeared on the Databox Blog. HubSpot’s software does an exceptional job of collecting data from every part of the inbound marketing and sales funnel, and enabling a robust set of marketing, sales and services activities to boot. However, as the customer count has gone north of 30,000, the number of marketers executing the inbound playbook has also skyrocketed. Even the best inbound marketers and sales professionals have realized the original inbound tactics are not enough to stay relevant. Fortunately, the massive HubSpot ecosystem has spawned hundreds of tools that allow sales and marketing teams to execute more sophisticated inbound campaigns. Although…

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Alaniz Featured on Meltwater Blog: How PR Impacts and Benefits from Brand Advocacy

Alaniz on Meltwater - How PR Impacts and Benefits from Brand Advocacy

This article was originally featured in the Meltwater Blog. The Emperor penguin, looking over baby penguin: a fantastic example of brand advocacy.The “Marc Cowlin brand” has an amazing brand advocate: her name is Judi (and she is my mom). Good or bad, no matter what I do, she is there to sing my praises, defend my foibles and support me both publicly and privately. My mom is by far the best PR my “brand” could have. I don’t pay her; she does it because she loves me and, as she says, “It’s what moms do.” Brand advocacy – or what…

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Muck Rack Daily Gives Alaniz a Shout Out

Muck Rack Daily Shout Out to Alaniz Marketing

This article was originally featured in the Muck Rack Daily Email. August 17th, 2016 View in browser Hello from Muck Rack, where you can get a snapshot of what journalists around the world are reading, thinking and commenting on right now. Before we begin our daily round-up, we hope you don’t mind if we venture a tiny humblebrag, because we really were flattered by this review of our services via Alaniz Marketing: “Born in the age of social media, Muck Rack is optimized to help businesses and journalists communicate through the channel that journalists have embraced like no other: Twitter.” Read on here! And now for the news…

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