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Senior Brand and Web Designer

Are you a senior brand and web designer looking for an exciting opportunity?

Does this sound like you? 

You love how design shapes the human experience and how the world’s best brands use design to build deep connections.

You notice and appreciate little things about a product or item – the quality of fit and finish, a unique texture or typeface, special attention paid to packaging or labeling.  

You don’t see design as a job, it’s part of who you are and a form of natural self expression. You’re passionate about learning everything you can. The more you invest in yourself, the more you are able to express and self actualize. 

Would you like a role where you get to…

– shape the way that brands present themselves to the world

– design websites that define brands and are trafficked by large audiences

– leading clients and executive teams through company transformations

– working with an awesome, highly capable senior team

– many opportunities to collaborate, contribute and be creative

– plenty of opportunities for leadership and advancement

If so, then we should talk!

A day in the life…

You start off your day on an all team video call to connect with your colleagues. The call is positive and energetic. You hear about everyone’s weekend adventures, see vacation pictures, and see everyone’s pets, children and newborn babies.

That flows into team breakouts to check in on open projects – what you’re working on today, anything you need from the team, and anything blocking or holding up projects.

You coordinate a round of light revisions for some digital ad campaign creative with one of our production designers and check in on a landing page they’re working on to provide feedback.

From there, you grab some coffee or tea, catch up on emails and your calendar, and take 5 or 10 minutes for yourself to clear your mind and prepare for the day.

Next, you move into a new client discovery call where you and a couple of colleagues meet the executive team and learn everything about their company, history, product / service offering, customers, business goals and more. They’re excited to embark on the project and see us as a key strategic partner to their brand’s future success.

Over the coming weeks, you and your team will develop the company’s brand story, set a creative direction, develop a new brand identity, and design the website – before handing the project off to our web development and marketing teams.

Lunch time – you grab a quick bite to eat, play with your dog and get some fresh air.

Before getting back at it, you take a few minutes to invest in yourself with a couple of Chris Do videos on YouTube. : )

Next on the docket, you spend a few hours working on finishing up a website homepage mockup for an upcoming build and put the final wraps on a brand project that you worked on earlier in the week.

The day is coming to a close. You hop on a quick slack video call to check in with one of your colleagues, you reply to a few slack and email messages and log the work that you completed today. It was a good day!

You shut it down at 5:30. Sometimes you work later to meet a deadline – or when you take time off during the day to do something important. But for the most part, you try to shut it down early to get in a work out, enjoy some time with the family, and most importantly to come back tomorrow feeling refreshed and ready to go.

More about the role…

– This is a full time, remote role. (also open to talk about dedicated fractional roles)

– This is for a serious professional looking to self actualize, grow, do amazing work, and build their career.

– Must be committed to helping us build and maintain a positive, happy, healthy company culture.

– We offer plenty of work – life balance and flexibility with reasonable expectations of productivity and responsibility in return.

– We offer health benefits, FSA, 401(k), holiday pay, and vacation time.

To be qualified for this job, you:

– have 5+ years of design experience

– have a BFA, design degree, or other degree with equivalent experience

– are a life-long learner

– be able to clearly articulate your approach to design and creative process

– have a strong portfolio of brand development and web design work

– have experience managing people and creative projects – preferred

– have agency experience – preferred

A little about us…

We’re a 20 person full service digital agency based out of the San Francisco North Bay. We have a team of awesome designers, brand storytellers, developers, and digital marketers. We went full remote a couple of years ago and plan to keep it that way. We have a great culture and team.

From a business standpoint, we are planning to double our agency, and then double it again – so we’re looking for a couple of leaders who can help us get there.

We lead companies through brand storytelling, identity design, web design, development, and managed hosting. We have a solid system in place and are looking for someone who can help us continue to build on it and become more systems and process driven.