CEDAR: Community-Science Engaged Alzheimer’s Research.

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Branding, Messaging, Website

One of the main challenges faced in this project was to increase engagement among Black/African American adults in completing the survey about motivations and barriers related to Alzheimer’s and dementia. Overcoming these challenges required a multifaceted approach that addressed cultural, historical, and systemic barriers to engagement and built trust and rapport with the target population digitally.


After completing our branding, messaging, website, and campaign landing pages, we reached out to 3,843 potential participants and successfully enrolled 424 individuals. Of those, 281 were able to complete the barriers and motivators survey, which provided valuable insights into the factors that influence participation.

CEDAR results

Logo & Brand Assets

cedar bhr study

The colorful tree and brain logo icon, along with the bright color palette and friendly typeface, were chosen to create an appealing and trustworthy brand identity for CEDAR. The tree represents growth and strength, while the brain symbolizes Alzheimer’s and dementia research. The vibrant colors evoke energy and optimism, and the friendly typeface establishes credibility and approachability, all aimed at inspiring trust and engagement from the target audience.

The use of a 7-color palette and circle patterns in the CEDAR brand identity was chosen for several reasons. First, the colors were carefully selected to evoke different emotions and associations, with blue representing trust and calmness, green symbolizing growth and health, and orange conveying energy and enthusiasm, among others. The circle patterns were included to create a sense of movement, fluidity, and continuity, highlighting the ongoing nature of Alzheimer’s and dementia research.

The use of multiple colors and patterns also allows for flexibility and versatility in the brand identity, enabling different color combinations and design variations to be used in various contexts while maintaining consistency and recognition. Overall, the use of a 7-color palette and circle patterns reflects the complexity and diversity of the initiative’s goals and represents the vibrancy and dynamism of the Black/African American community.

Community-Science Engaged Alzheimer’s Research.

Landing Page Updates

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“Empowering Black/African American communities to tackle Alzheimer’s and dementia with CEDAR - because no one should face memory loss alone.”

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