How to Use LinkedIn Website Demographics

LinkedIn Website Demographics allows you to get the demographic information of the LinkedIn users that visit your website. You get the profile information to see the titles, companies, locations and more! Here’s how to set it up.

Woo Commerce or Shopify for Your Business?

Woo Commerce and Shopify are among the most popular ecommerce platforms, for good reason. They both offer powerful features. This video reviews the strengths and weaknesses of each to help you decide which is right for your business.

Digital Marketing for Dummies

Digital Marketing for Dummies explains the basics of digital marketing for non-digital businesses. If your business started before the digital marketing revolution, and you need to catch up. This video is for you!

Mobile Marketing 101

Mobile Marketing 101 explains why “mobile-first” should be our approach to marketing going forward as mobile becomes the primary channel for search and for content consumption.

How to Use Haro to Get News Coverage

This video explains how to use a service called HARO (help a reporter out) where journalists go to find sources for their stories. That’s right. Journalists pitch you! Use this services to make sure they find you.

SEO Ranking Factors That Matter Most Now

This video reviews the most recent study of SEO ranking factors by the search marketing experts at SEMRush. In short, SEO ranking factors have changed. A lot. Here’s what you need to know.

Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

If you’re new to digital marketing and need to catch up,  this video will help you understand the important differences between digital and traditional marketing tools and best practices.

Understanding the Buyer’s Journey

This video explains how the search engine has changed the way people find and buy products and services, and how to engage shoppers as they search for solutions to their personal and business issues. It’s all about the buyer’s journey.

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