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Your B2B Email Marketing Strategy [checklist]

By December 22, 2014May 13th, 2019Uncategorized

This actionable checklist is a compilation of best practices for deliverability and effectiveness in email marketing. Consider this your pre-flight checklist to maximize the likelihood of reaching your target prospect’s inbox. Using this checklist will ensure that all deliverability best practices are met before you launch your next campaign.

Message & Creative

  • Offer and content match the subject line
  • Offer explains what’s in it for me (WIIFM)
  • Headlines are calls-to-action
  • Content blocks are easily scannable
  • Bullets point call out key items
  • Images support the copy
  • Images don’t replace the copy
  • Image-base calls-to-action
  • All images are clickable
  • Full images are clickable (no image maps)
  • Text-based calls to action (use a verb)
  • Sense of urgency
  • Customer testimonial

Brand & Design – Conversion Optimization

Brand Recognition Elements

  • Recognizable brand name and message purpose
  • Clear message purpose (operational / marketing)

Brand is included in:

  • Friendly from address (display name)
  • Email alias
  • Subject line

Design Impact Elements

  • Good value statement / snippet text
  • Viewable online link
  • Alt tags for all images
  • Company logo included
  • Brand name on text copy
  • Mobile-friendly – viewable on small devices
  • Action text links and clickable phone number (don’t depend on clickable images)

Preview Pane Elements

Where the viewer decides to read your email:

  • How does the preview pane look with images turned on/off?
  • How does the key area of 2-3 inches of screen look?
  • Is the snippet text compelling?
  • Value statement present
  • Viewable online link
  • View mobile link
  • Logo with alt text
  • Clear call-to-action above the fold


Standard screen resolution (1024 x 768):

  • Masthead pixels (width between 550-650; height between 200-400)
  • Color use – is it attractive?
  • Tables-based placement
  • Bulletted text
  • Al text for bullet images

Trust Center

  • Unsubscribe language
  • Company name
  • Company address / phone
  • Company URL
  • Privacy policy link
  • Copyright / Trademarks
  • “You have received this email because. . .”
  • “This email  was sent to . . .”
  • “Add to address book”
  • Change email preferences

Viral Growth & User-Generated Content

Experiment with these items in your emails. Use data to determine what works for specific audiences.

  • Forward-to-a-friend
  • Subscribe
  • Comments
  • Membership programs
  • Feedback
  • Survey
  • Blog
  • Video links
  • Search
  • Editorials

Common Spam Signatures to Avoid

Avoid these to make sure your email isn’t blocked by content-based filtering:

  • Font size less than 8pt or greater than 14pt
  • Repetitive use of keywords
  • Flash or rich media
  • Misspelled words
  • Invisible fonts (like white on white)
  • Full capitalization of words
  • Light grey or red fonts
  • Non-ASCII characters
  • Missing <title> tag
  • Phishing URL
  • Javascript
  • Attachments
  • Forms
  • Embedded images

Improve email deliverability, avoid black lists and ensure your company’s sending reputation by following the above B2B email marketing strategy and best practices. These will also help you increase response rates and engage more customers to drive more revenue. Email marketing is definitely NOT dead!

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