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Using QR Codes in Marketing your Local Franchise Business

By February 27, 2012May 13th, 2019Digital Marketing, Uncategorized
Using QR Codes in Marketing your Local Franchise Business, Alaniz MarketingQR codes are custom made for marketing your local business. Even though a franchisee might own multiple locations, each is really a local business and deserves it’s own marketing plan. Granted, there are some nice synergies (and savings) by developing an overall franchisee marketing plan, you should then think through its application to each location, and consider possible tweaks on a per-location basis.

QR Codes are part of a Mobile Marketing strategy

People access your QR code through their smartphone. Seems obvious, right? So the webpage that the QR code takes people to MUST be a mobile-device-capable landing page. Why do so many businesses miss this simple concept? You MUST use a mobile-capable website with a QR code.

People scan your QR code (which is somewhere in the physical world) with their mobile phone and go to a mobile website landing page (now we’re in the world of the internet). What happens there depends on what youy’re trying to accomplish with your mobile marketing.

How you can use QR codes for your local franchise business

Using QR Codes in Marketing your Local Franchise Business, Alaniz MarketingPromotions, coupons, discounts, special offers:
In a recent study by MGH Modern Marketing87% of the respondents said they would scan a code to get a coupon. QR codes don’t expire like traditional offers becuase the code takes you to a particluar webpage, which can be easily updated with new offers. Monday can be a free Coke, and Tuesday can be a free ice cream cone with a purchase of a certain size. Both of these offers can be seen with the same QR code.

Information: The same study found that 63% said they would scan the code to get more information, 53% said they would sign up to a mailing list to receive more information and 60% said they would scan the code to make a purchase. People are looking for information in addition to special offers. Consider this sign promoting a body mass calculator found in a doctor’s office:


Franchise business owners are like other local business owners who must connect with their local and repeat customers to stay in business. It doesn’t matter if the business is a fast food franchise, chain store or a tax service, QR Codes offer a great opportunity to bring your customers from the physical world to the online world where you can connect, engage and market to them.

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