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Using QR Code Mobile Marketing at Trade Shows

By February 28, 2012May 13th, 2019Digital Marketing, Uncategorized

One of the best places to make use of QR codes is at a trade show. The constraints trade shows place on time, space and resources means QR codes can help fill the gaps of connecting with attendees while building a bridge to your online presence and your opportunity to mine those attendees as prospects after the show.

Just about anywhere you have graphics is fertile ground for a QR code. Use them in your booth, or on your marketing collateral, anywhere a show attendee might look and be tempted to follow the code to learn more about your brand.

To be valuable to show attendees, QR codes have to be useful. Trade show attendees came there to learn more about their industry and how they can improve their performance.

Give the more information, give them links to blogs or e-newsletters, enter then into a contest with a valuable prize.

Be sure that once they scan, they are taken to a landing page that delivers on your promsie and is optimized for the mobile platform.

Your trade show floor staff should not only be fully versed in how QR codes work (some people need to be educated about this!) and what your expectations are from them, but the relative novelty of QR codes is an excellent ice-breaker, a way to engage visitors to the booth in conversation. This conversation colud first be about the ins and outs of QR codes and then about your products and services.

Trade show halls are notoriously challenging for mobile phone performance, so be sure to test how well the codes launch inside each facility before you invest in a campaign dedicated to your QR code. There’s no point in placing critical resources on a QR code campaign only to be foiled by good, old-fashioned steel girders, bricks and mortar!

Trade shows are an investment, you already know that. If QR codes are part of that investment, use the analytics available from,, Google Analytics, or Hubspot to monitor click-throughs on show days.

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