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Toolkit: Create a Twitter Archive

By October 11, 2012May 13th, 2019Uncategorized

I attended a Twitter chat today. It was an interesting excperience. There were about 50 people chatting around a single topic — aging well.

At the end of the chat, I thought it would be great to be able to sift back through the conversation and extract some of the tweets to curate into a blog post. But how to do this?

Then I found a great tool: Tweet Archivist.

Archive Tweets with TweetArchivist

The Archivist archives tweets containing a certain keyword or hashtag and makes these archives public. If someone else already started tracking the same conversation, you can access historical data in addition to current and future messages related to the conversation. Otherwise, The Archivist starts archiving your conversation as soon as you start tracking it.

It also includes Twitter search results, which at the time of publication, go back approximately one week. The Archivist only has access to the public Twitter stream, which only contains a portion of all Twitter updates, and therefore may not archive all Twitter messages.

Enter your conversation keyword or hashtag in the box, and click “start Analysis.”

Tweet Archivist then builds six dynamic, interactive data visualizations based on the tweets in that archive. You are also able to download the entire archive as a spreadsheet for further analysis.

Now, to be clear, Tweet Archivist is not an archive of every tweet ever tweeted. Tweet Archivist can’t go back in time. It does not index all tweets. But what Tweet Archivist can do is allow individuals to create archives on searches they care about, just like any search you might do at

You can click each of the Tweet Archivist charts for a larger view with more data and interactivity. You can also immediately see a top user’s Twitter profile or go to the web page of a top url, for example.

Finally, you can save the archive as a tab delimited text file and export it to Excel. From there you can do any further analysis you want.

Try TweetArchivist today. It’s a great way to save those Twitter chats or other Twitter searches for further review and analysis!

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