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The Sigma Weekender for November 16th, 2013

By November 16, 2013May 13th, 2019Uncategorized

Time to kick back and catch up on the latest great reading from Sigma and around the web !

20 Marketing Tips, Trick and Hacks

HubSpot invited us to contribute to a special calendar that is available today, a whole month’s worth of marketing tip, tricks and hacks. 20 agencies contributed their favorites “hacks” and Hubpot pulled it all together into a single calendar, with a juicy marketing tip for every day of November. Be sure to download your FREE copy!

Hubspot’s COS and Your Blog – Easy to Use!

You’ve probably read a lot lately about HubSpot’s new COS (content optimization system). There are lots of fabulous new features – smart content, expanded user permissions, email client testing, template customization, and more – that make us all want to move our content to the new platform.

7 B2B Website Redesign Essentials for Lead Generation

There’s no way around it, B2B companies need a great website. With up to 63% of corporate buyers, age 36-45, searching for goods and services online, B2B companies are scrambling to optimize their websites for lead generation.

8 Myths About HubSpot as a Website Platform

It used to be that the HubSpot platform was really not a very friendly place for website designers and content publishers. Things were crowded, tools were limited, flexibility was constrained by poorly designed “templates.” Having your website on HubSpot could be described as “painful!”

…and Some of our Favorites From Around the Web!

How to Get Your Guest Post Published

Guest posting is one of the most effective ways to build links, grow your brand and drive sales. I myself used to try to do five guest posts a week, and it did wonders for my business. It was actually our third biggest lead generation channel, right after SEO and pay-per-click.


Hangouts are almost without a doubt the most touted feature of Google Plus, especially when it comes to business use of the platform. So if you follow my Google+ for Business column here, you might be wondering why it’s taken me so long to write about them.

10 Ways to Get More Traffic and Links

Friday is “Question of the Week” day here at Duct Tape Marketing. Each Friday I’ll tackle a specific question I received via readers or in places where I’m speaking. Submit your question here and if we use it we’ll highlight you and send you a signed copy of Duct Tape Marketing.

The many marketing departments of tomorrow

Before I get an inbox full of angry emails from everyone who doesn’t work in the marketing department, let me disclaim that the above diagram was intended somewhat humorously. Hey, it’s Friday – lighten up! But the funny thing about humor is that it often contains a nugget of truth.

Other Exciting News…

Did you know, we’re one of the first agencies certified to design in the new COS, and already have 5 sites completed?! If you’re ready to move your site into HubSpot’s new, fully responsive and smart-content-ready Content Optimization System, let’s talk!

You’ll definitely want check out Hubspot’s latest Hub of blogs, segmented around topics such as marketing, sales, Insiders  and Media/Tech featuring Dan Lyons. Click on the links to visit them today!

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