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The Sigma Weekender for December 21, 2013

By December 21, 2013May 13th, 2019Uncategorized


Time to kick back and catch up on the latest great reading from Sigma and around the web !

Season’s Greetings and Happy New Year from all of us at Sigma! We hope you have a joyous holiday season, however you celebrate it.

The Weekender will take a break next week so we can all enjoy the holidays with our families. We’ll meet you back here on January 4, 2014.


Inbound Marketing Made Easy: Part 5 – Optimized Lead Nurturing


Do you have good website traffic and leads coming in, but not closing? If so, your biggest marketing opportunity is to create optimized lead nurturing campaigns.


20 Best Practices for Generating Sales Leads

What is a lead? A lead is a person who has indicated interest in your company’s product or service. Generating sales leads is a key component for success of your company.


10 Blog Posts Your Software Company Should Write NOW!

Inbound marketing is a great methodology for the software industry, and a business blog is by far the most important content platform and the easiest to use… Write these 10 business blog posts as soon as possible to boost traffic and leads from your website. These would be great posts for the last week of December and the first week of January!


Get Ready for 2014: Review and Update Your Buyer Personas

Survey says… December is the shortest month of the year, or at least it feels that way. We’re all rushing to get everything completed; the holidays command our attention; and nobody seems to be available when we need them. Further shortening the month is the knowledge that for many B2B companies, including ours, the last week of the year is pretty much a wash when it comes to talking to customers and prospects. So why not find a way to use that week?

…and Some of our Favorites From Around the Web!


How to Create a Complete Digital Profile for Inbound Marketing

Generating new business isn’t as easy as throwing up a website anymore. With more websites and books dedicated to inbound marketing, the craft for creating an online persona that generates sales is becoming an increasingly involved and complicated process. In the rush to produce a quality website, many marketers forget that customers don’t just rely on a single site; they expect an entire online persona. To increase leads, generate visits and ultimately drive sales, marketers need a complete online profile.


Haven’t you ever wished you could speed up your blog post writing? Well, you’re not alone. 64% of marketers say producing enough content is their marketing challenge. Writing a variety of engaging work, getting buy in from management andmeasuring blog marketing metrics is definitely tough, too – but time is the real kicker. It’s clear the solution isn’t sacrificing quality for volume. While we can’t help you convince your boss to hire another blogger, we can help you become as efficient as possible at writing a blog post.


How to Multiply Your Webinar ROI: Repurpose Your Webinar Content

Webinars can be a major investment, in terms of both time and money. But they can also be a powerful part of your content marketing strategy. After you’ve planned your webinar, most marketers will send out invitations to a targeted list, use a registration form to gather some data about prospects, and then use the attendance data (like duration of stay) as a measure of engagement. Some attendee information might be sent off to the sales team, so they can follow up with “hot leads,” and the webinar recording is uploaded onto the company website. Once the recording is up, it’s time to move on to the next webinar…or is it?


How ‘Vertical Silos’ Can Lead to Better Content Marketing Strategies

I’m going to advocate a lightning rod for criticism — the dreaded silo — and share my vision of vertical silos actually improvingour content marketing strategies and moving the industry a step forward. Before I can do that, what exactly does the word “silo” mean?

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Larry is passionate about inbound marketing and is a HubSpot Certified Trainer. He's learned the "secrets" of leveraging HubSpot to make marketing hyper-effective and customizes that information to help our clients meet their goals. Larry lives in Prescott, AZ, and when not at work, he is hiking or hanging out with teenagers as a volunteer with Boys to Men USA.