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Sigma Weekender for June 6, 2014

By June 6, 2014May 13th, 2019


Now, time to kick back and catch up on the latest great reading from Sigma and around the web!


Don’t Get Left Behind: Use Google Plus In Your Business

Google never stops moving. Keep up with where they are going next by learning how to use Google Plus in your business.


Save Money with a Flawless Content Marketing Plan

In a recent article from Copyblogger, Mike King writes extensively (with step-by-step instructions) on how to fill in the gaps in your content marketing plan that might costing you money.


50 Sales and Social Business Quotes to Hang on Your Wall

Koka Sexton has curated 50 quotes related to sales, social media and social business. It’s worth taking a few minutes to go through them.


New Report: Most Marketers Don’t Know How to Calculate ROI

90% of marketers are not trained to calculate return on investment (ROI), and 80% to demonstrate the business effectiveness of their spending, campaigns and activities.


…and Some of our Favorites from Around the Web!


You Should Have a Thought Leadership Strategy. Here’s Why.

Content has become the focal point of marketing, whether in the formof blog posts, social updates, emails, web pages, text messages or mobile apps. People crave information and expertise along the purchasing process, and their dollar will go to the most helpful bidder.


Are You Missing the “Network” Opportunity?

I recently read a great article from Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn. The main theme was asking if you were “Network Literate”. As a Marketing Leader, you may think you are a master of the domain. But are you really?


Targeting Your Audience Earlier in the Buying Process – Whiteboard Friday

Bigger audiences and less competition aren’t actually that hard to find; we just have to reach a bit farther up the funnel. In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand explains the benefits of this largely unexplored place, showing you how to reach potential customers before they’re even aware that they’re looking for you.


15 Easy Steps to Ignite Employees as Brand Evangelists #SocialEmployee

Get your entire workforce on board with your brand to get your voice heard, give your business more of a human aspect, and increase your revenue. They are your best assests! 

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