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Sigma Weekender for April 11, 2014

By April 11, 2014May 18th, 2023Uncategorized


Now, time to kick back and catch up on the latest great reading from Sigma and around the web!


Essential FAQ for HubSpot’s Content Optimization System

Our web team has completed over 46 COS projects and we’ve answered a lot of questions. Now we’ve gathered those questions and more, and published them all as a handy, 42-page ebook.


Data Segmentation: How to Remove International Visitors from your HubSpot Contacts

Why keep the information in your contacts database for visitors from countries you don’t serve? Clean up your database with some simple filters.


All about Developing Buyer Personas – Part 5

Compile all the data from your interviews into a single buyer persona that represents the composite characteristics of your ideal customer.


HubSpot COS FAQ: Going Mobile with Your Website, Blog and Email

Is HubSpot’s COS really designed for mobile platforms of all sizes? The short answer is, “Yes!” The COS tools for web pages, landing pages and blog posts are based on a 12-column HTML5 grid.


…and Some of our Favorites from Around the Web!


11 Ways to Come Up with a Rocking Content Marketing Strategy

If that isn’t your motto as a content marketer, it should be. Consumers today have more free content available online then they know what to do with. Between websites, social media, eBooks, whitepapers, and blogs, we’re all functioning in information overload.


The Art of Thinking Sideways: Content Marketing for “Boring” Businesses

In this article, I’ll examine the art of thinking sideways for one of the slightly more tricky marketing clients I’ve worked with. I hope that this will provide an insight for fellow content marketers and SEOs in similar scenarios.


4 Marketing Metrics You’re Probably Not Measuring (and Should)

What gets measured gets improved – a very common business saying that is now taking speed in the marketing world, partly due to marketing automation software simplifying the process. However, it can be easy to rely on the metrics that appear on your dashboard rather than digging deeper into the metrics.


Everything you wanted to know about agile marketing (but were afraid to ask)

Today I’m presenting a new talk on agile marketing that walks through a Scrum-inspired agile methodology and tackles several of the common myths and misconceptions people have about agile management. If you’ve been hearing about agile marketing but are a little fuzzy about the actual process – or if you have concerns that agile is […]

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