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Hubspot Review: Is Hubspot Worth the Money?

hubspot review: is it worth the money
This blog post is part of “The Ultimate Guide to Lead Generation” blog series. I stumbled on to Hubspot a few years ago while doing research for our agency.  I must have gone back to their website 20 times to download their e-books and read their blog before it occurred to me that I didn’t even know what they did.  It’s a perfect inbound marketing case study, really.  I got in touch and learned as much as I could about the platform.  It was great.  But then there was the price.  At the time it was just shy of $10,000...
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PR Database Review: Search for the Best PR Platform

PR database review
PR Database Review: Meltwater vs Vocus vs Cision vs MyMedia Info UPDATE: Upon further review of the Vocus platform, we have made the decision to return to Meltwater.  Please read the update on the features that our agency couldn't go without.  Please see link at the bottom of the page.  Here we go again - renewal time for our PR database and media-monitoring suite.  It’s a big investment for our agency and every year I take the time to see what the top providers have to offer. I like to think of it like buying a car, both in terms of...
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CES Planning Guide: 10 Steps to Securing a Ton of CES Press Coverage

CES planning guide
This blog post is part of “The Ultimate Guide to Public Relations” blog series. CES planning is in full swing and companies all over are busy preparing to descend on Las Vegas in January for the largest tech tradeshow in the world and the biggest event in Vegas all year. CES planning is stressful and it can easily seem like there are a million things to do (primarily because there are), but it’s all worth it in the end.  All of the up-front planning goes a long way when it comes to show time. One of the most important areas...
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Search for the Best Press Release Wire Service

This blog post is part of “The Ultimate Guide to Public Relations” blog series. Wire Releases are a great way to get word out to the masses. Distributing a press release via wire generally includes a posting on the wire site itself, distribution via newsfeeds on authoritative news websites, and direct distribution to the top newsrooms in the country. Wire services vary greatly in terms of features and pricing, so make sure to find the best fit for your company.  In terms of price, wire services can range anywhere from free to around $1500, with a nice range of services...
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