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Introducing HubSpot Workflow Recipes: Automated Workflows Are Now Easy

By June 27, 2013June 30th, 2023Uncategorized

As a marketer, you don’t want to reinvent the wheel. When there is an opportunity to do something faster and take advantage of the knowledge of those who have been there before you, it makes sense to seize the opportunity.

Hubspot has taken their own best practices, mixed with data across over 8,000 customers, to develop Workflow Recipes that help to automate your workflows and email lead nurturing almost instantly.  Workflow Recipes is a library of pre-created workflows that are tried, tested, and proven effective by marketers at HubSpot. You can easily browse the different recipes (HubSpot -> Contacts -> Workflows, then look on the right for the link), and install any recipe with just the click of a button.

Each recipe features a description of what it should be used for and a breakdown of what it contains. Installing the lead nurturing recipe, for example, will create a starting list, a goal list, two sample emails, and a workflow that ties all of these components together.

Each Recipe is a set of standard workflows, lists, and automated emails that you can add to your account to help you get started with marketing automation. The Workflows tool uses lists and emails together to create powerful campaign-like packages that can further qualify your contacts and push them down the sales funnel. All workflows, lists, and automated emails tied to a Workflow Recipe use the same (HS Recipes) naming convention so they can be easily identified.

Let’s take a closer look at the components of a basic lead nurturing campaign that the lead nurturing recipe would create.

A starting list and a goal list

The first components the lead nurturing recipe creates are a starting and a goal list. The starting list is a smart list of all the contacts marked with a lifecycle stage of “lead” in your HubSpot database. This means that installing and activating this workflow would put every new lead in your system into this lead nurturing campaign automatically. The goal list is a list of all the contacts marked with a lifecycle stage of “marketing qualified lead” in your HubSpot database. This means that if you have criteria set to change a lead into a marketing qualified lead when they meet certain criteria, this campaign would stop for them. (At that point, many folks choose to move those leads to a new, better-targeted campaign, or hand them off to their sales team.)


Email Content

The second components created by the recipe are two sample emails that the workflow sends. You’ll obviously need to do some tweaking here, but the sample emails are designed to give you some ideas for solid offers that you might use in your campaign. Since this is a lead nurturing campaign, the goal of the campaign is to get our leads to demonstrate a deeper interest in our product, so the emails are an offer for a consultation, and an offer to sign up for a webinar.


A Workflow to tie it all together

Last but certainly not least, the lead nurturing recipe will create a workflow that ties your lists and your emails together into a campaign, which you can see below. Once you are ready to take your workflow live, simply change the workflow to active in the upper right-hand corner.



We’ve used these automated workflows to simplify our entire workflow structure and to build-in a manageable lead scoring system. You can learn more about Workflow Recipes here in the help documentation, or try it in your own HubSpot portal by clicking the “browse recipes” link in the sidebar of the Workflows home screen.

Contact us to learn more about these workflow recipes and how you can deploy them in your business.

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